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Andris Gindra

this phone is beautiful ❤️ € 227 it's not too expensive for that beautiful device

χταποδι γεμιστο

Mi 8 lite or redmi note 6 pro?


Dude it does have micro sd slot. Please write in your description!

Eldhose KA

Can anyone tell about the battery usage in this phone? We bought the same and battery is not well especially when we use internet. Please do ur comments

Jan Enzo Salvador

what should i get? xiaomi a2 or xiaomi 8 lite?

Lucas Da Ronco

Too many errors on the explanation. GIT GUD

Giang Lê

There is a dual sim card slot sd card supported

Ecaterina Silistru

I have this phone. It's shit. Besides the battery which does last long, it's way worse than the samsung S6 I had for 3 years. Pics have low quality. There are always problems with the wifi and with switching connection from data to wifi. I have had it for a few months and it already gets blocked and I have to restart it. I regret the choice. Buy a real phone. This is a joke!

Mark Nembhard

Didn't get warm for me. Battery is really good got onto the 2nd day on a few occasions with 30% still remaining. Fast charging works a dream. Camera is good. It is very good for the money i think. That said when it was held next to the Samsung with it's amoled screen i did feel this is where the MI 8 lite lets itself down. Also i do not think the speakers are anything to rave about. They are ok. This is my review after 1 month


Not even your video has 60fps, and you show us 120fps :v

Tenma White

My only problem with this phone is it's battery. Wish they just slapped it with a 4000mAh

Pharouq Olowo

Nice one, would you suggest I go for this against the redmi note 6 pro?

ramees anvar

I'm using 8 lite but one speaker is doesn't work. What can I do

Ragna B

Please, have Mr. Giovanni do more reviews/unboxings.

This may very well be the most relaxed review I've seen in years. Maybe the only one even!

Valentin Palade

Mi 8 lite 128/6 RAM or Galaxy a50 128/4 RAM?