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Michael thapa

Xiaomi is becoming Fakeomi 😂🤣
My RN5 Pro is became like a garbage cuz of their shitty buggy updates...
Plz guyz don't buy any MI products
They may provide u amazing specs but later destroy it from thei updates

subhash kumar

India is such a big market for mi and the are selling cheap phone in India where as premium phones in Europe...wtf


Oh Man you know something??
Its Not Transparent actually,its just a Setup yo look like its Internal...watch jerryrig video Broo

Shizzy Wizzy

Hey Ash! Could you please review the mi mix 3? 😀

sudipta mondal

sir,under 20k best camera smartphone bolo...specially for video recording...jisme ois,eis and 4k milta hai...

Gaurav Singhal

What's the name of the game tjat you were playing

shashikant gupta

Hello dear can you tell us when xiaomi launch mi notebook in india

Nowfar now4

i am see ur channel thorough tamil tech 47

Shashanka Shastrula

@2:00 close your eyes.n listen... hehe dirty minds

sunil Giduturi

After sundar left the c4tech the voice of the videos is 🤣😂

Dhaval Goswami
Xiaomi used to be my favourite brand quite some time back, when i had the MI5... It was one of the best phones for me...I waited for the MI6 to launch and then waited for MI8 too...But they never got released...All the released ones were, the Redmi Range and the Poco phone...I dont understand why do they do such things...It seems the company is afraid of the competition from the market and dont have guts to fight (fattu company)...ANd the worst part... they have introduced advertisements in their OS... WTF?!?!?!?you have to see the freaking banners and advertisements to use… Read more »
arjun mz

Only come here to c ash presentation rather than looking for electronic garbage phones

Vishal V

In my opinion, Mi 8 Pro is the glorified Poco F1

Bharath Sunny

Hi Ash, can we have a video about camera comparison b/w Apple, Samsung, one plus,Xioami top end model

Raj Varghese

None of the mi 8 editions have come to India they are only interested in budget phones and flagship mi models don't sell much in india but have to say the mi explorer edition is dope with hardware face unlock minus the battery capacity...

Rizky Hadi Felani

How's the battery life compared to the Standard Mi 8?

Sourav Sil

This phone 5G saported????? Plz reply my question

Diego de la O

Mi Mix 3 6gb RAM vs this one. What would you choose?

Eleas uddin

i need this phone but bangladesh this phone it's not available now
any body hear help me

Subash Raj

hello , that's cool but how much it cost as per indian price???????????

Ramjie Wassane

Hello sir, I wanna join C4E Team, how should I send my mail-id?


Which phone from the Mi8 Series would you like to see being launched in India?

Tell us ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Nqobani Nhlengethwa

I have a Program Design exam at 16h00, i should be revising but hey c4tech just uploaded

Rohan Sharma

damn!!! your video in 480p look like FHD

Aj J

Yeah, yeah, yeah keep barking about xiaomi all day

The way to 100 subscribers without any videos

Subscribe me and I will subscribe u

Karan Rana

Did anyone count how many times he said 'convoluted' in this video?

Ansai Ramchiary

Xiaomi is fooling us. What we see through glass is not real hardware.