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I have a jvc smart tv and htc 10 it finds tv connects but does not show the anything. of course the tv does not seem to have a mirror (something... who cares!) setting and there's no info on my tv model anywhere being a new model, wish I bought a stupid samsung tv instead.

Aouad HQ

I noticed a delay of 0.1-0.2 seconds between the phone and the tv when video was playing. Why is there a delay in usb c adapters while older micro usb mhl had almost no delay.

Badal Mamun

will it work if the phone is not USB debugged ?

Zongyuan Guo

Will the phone drain battery faster than not connected while screen is off when using slimport/displayport alt mode? Will the monitor go to sleep mode (power saving) when the connected phone is screen off?

legendary Jay Brown

is there any audio lag when playing movies

Al Minter

i ordered the exact product based on your recommendation and it doesn't work. do you have an update ???


I have HTC evo10. And can't get it to work on any TV with any cable, why, please help I bought this phone after seeing this video on YouTube. I thought my problems were over, apparently not

Marc Anthony

probe con diferentes adaptadores igual al que muestra en el video y otro mejor y no me da imagen., tengo HTC 10 con android 7

Alejandro Hernandez

I returned htc 10 after watching this video


how's the output quality on the tv? does it really look like sharp images or little blurred?

tony arce

Doest this adapter charge the phone while connected, or do you need to make sure phone is charged before using?

roger shahan

hi I tried using a USB c to a display port adapter and then a display port to a hdmi cable... any ideas why it didn't work?


Does that cable support 60Hz refresh rate, if so, what's the refresh rate you're getting with the HTC 10 connected? Thanks

Jon Haviland

Hi I wonder if someone can help. I have followed all the instructions in the video but cannot get my HTC 10 to work with my Toshiba TV, I have the hdmi cable and an similar to the adaptor shown, help??


Will the Kanex adapter work for regular 1080p Smart TVs? or does it only work with 4K TVs.

Jon Haviland

Sorry, but that makes no sense as the video shown, shows the same/similiar adaptor!!??!

Steve G

On your article it says... USB-C to HDMI adapter (for a TV) or USB-C to DisplayPort adapter (for a monitor) << I don't know what you're talking about... My TV & Monitors are all HDMI... What use is displayport?