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Phillip Dennis

I just found your video. Fascinating. I like the term used in the video, CONVERGENCE. In the 1990s... we called something similar Interoperability. Interop 1995 Las Vegas. I was there. Your video is an advancement of some of those old concepts. Thank you for the video.


For my sanity, please say goo-we instead of G.U.I

Edson Adrega

can i use firefox in a Ubuntu on Android device the same way i use in a PC ,Bookmarks,History,etc?

Hatlábú Farkas

Not even work on SONY Z2, and SONY XZ series.

Tom Dwane

is this a safer method for blackhat hackers to be anonymous?
They could just buy a second hand phone from someone and perform the penetration attack on a secured network.

Unknown User

*installs ubuntu in android to install android studio on it to run android emulator in it.

mallemoina gurudarpan

This app not working in my Lenovo k8 note mobile what the reason

Matthis H.

Can I return to normal Android and if yes how can I get back into Ubuntu?

Josua Robson

I thought I was installing ubuntu not linux emulator


I thought this was a sketchy "reinstall this custom ROM over your current one", boy was I wrong

Trevor Lemke
I use Samsung DeX all the time. I think you'd be interested in hearing this real quick:There's something called the HP Elite x3 Lapdock. What it essentially is, is it's a laptop with no ram, no motherboard, etc. It's pretty much just a battery, keyboard (with LED), trackpad, and screen. It's meant for the HP phone, but has most compatibility with other devices such as Samsung DeX. You plug your phone in via one USB-C wire, it charges it, displays DeX, and best of all you can use it on the go. I just bought one, you should look it… Read more »
Tony Marcus Cassani

Thank you for your videos and work, can you do you do a tutorial on the Halium build please?

Jonathan Riezman

You know what else allows writers to work anywhere without lots of adapters? Pen and paper.

Gunner Mitchell

Good luck putting my nvidia GeForce GTX in there


Now how to install windows 10 on Android device

Grayson PlayzYT

Can I Have The Linux App To Run Linux?

Roscoe THA nina

Hey wiz kids, here's some fruitful knowledge for ya, the apple and android platforms are one in the same! Yea theres diff stuff u can do on 1 u cant on another but when it comes down to it, it's all on the same exact platform. So buying an iPhone bcuz u thinks it's better, u just blew money.

Tony Marcus Cassani

Can you also do a tutorial on the options that dont require root, the other options on the playstore? thankyou

Backyard Observatory

Sadly, the move towards true convergence pretty much died back in 2012/13. Back then you could have a full on Ubuntu desktop in your phone that actually talked to the Android side. Since then it's pretty much gone back to CHRoot remoting in and emulators.

Michael Whittman

I don't know what made me pick this. Title might as well have been "toast matrix runs rooster ears sarcastically"

Phones have become quite powerful in recent times with 6GB ram, 8 core ARM cpu 4 cores have over 2ghz and 4 cores have less than 2 ghz, and the Adreno GPU which is equivalent to an NVIDIA only couple generation of those ago which are powerful like the GTX750. Those are powerful specs for the mobile devices. I recently got a samsung note 8 and would like to know if this app is an emulator or an actual virtual machine that can run the guest OS using the hardware? Would like to try many OS that can run on… Read more »
The Ultra Instinct Bro

He installs Ubuntu emulator on Android