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Last night I found another quick tip to make the "Irulu V3" faster for you must do this every time you turn the phone on go to settings, then press"developer options" and turn on " Aggressive Wi-Fi to Cellular handover" once you turn it on it will speed up internet browsing and help save battery life on the phone.if you don't have Developer options turned on all you have to do is go to "settings" go to the bottom where it says "about phone" press that and then go down to where it says "build number" and press that "7… Read more »
Here are more tips to make your "Irulu V3 "faster 1. Go to settings2. Apps3. Slide your finger till you get to you get to the word "All" this brings up all the apps on your phoneLook for these apps, tap on them, and disable each one of them and I'll explain why "Youtube app" disable it the reason why is why keep it active when you can just go to the youtube using "chrome" app"Browser app" disable it the reason why is why keep it active when you can just use "Chrome app" which is the faster internet browser… Read more »
If you love big phones you will love the "Irulu v3" I have 2 of them personally and I can't keep my hands off it I love it. Everything appears big on it as it should being that it is a big "6.5 inch"screen games are fun to play on it because of the big screen and being on Facebook is cool. because everything is big here is a quick tips to make it faster and increase battery life 1.Go to "settings" press "display" then press brightness level and turn down brightness" to under the halfway mark. 2. Go back… Read more »
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will this phone get Android marshmallows in the future


does it support OTG ?? Aliexpres is selling it today for 130$