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ghost Unix

The moto E5 play is a awesome device and certainly has something weird going on but the fact it has Android 8 and no weather man pervert makes we want to salute Japan.

champer slimmerthannone

just paid $51.00 shipped for boost Mobile version . (online)

Bl4ck Ph03n1x

I just switched to this from the LG aristo 2

B renegadde

My boy got cereal by the TV so you can get right to it

D.E.B. B

Warning; the E5 will often charge VERRRRRY slowly when attached to a usb port on a computer; so slow, that it will often even die even though the little lightning logo says it's charging. No other phone that I know of does this. In addition, the sound is terrible, compared to even the five year old moto x. Do not buy this phone.

Anna McDermott

I'm picking this phone up for $150 on Thursday and it has the fingerprint scanner


This one or the Samsung Galaxy J3 achieve LTE? They have very similar specs.

P Jay

Best phones I own !! I love everything about it 🙂


Thank you for such a great review. Looking at getting the Verizon one.

I have Virgin mobile. Virgin and Boost run on Sprint network. Coverage isn't that great. Too many dry spots (even in home). On roadtrips my sister (Verizon) always had coverage and I did not. Maybe that will change with the T-Mobile/Sprint marriage. Hmmm!!! Maybe I should wait. 😉


should i trust the Verizon model? 95$CAD for that phone seems too good to be real

Ahmad Carlos

Uhmm. I needed a throw away. It has a fingerprint scanner.


My freakin lg g stylo died on me and i want to get the cheapest fone from my carrier and this is it.

Sierra Laguna

Mine has a finger print scanner on the back.

K3v Channel

Hi Matthew I have a question
When I first put a sd card in the phone, can I use the sd card as internal or not?

T Redng

Thank you I LOVE Motorola phones 🙂 Just ordered this phone in Canada. Although here is $175 CAD 🙁

Gadget bot

What's the name of the game you were playing ? And do you think the E5 Play is better than the Moto E4 ?

Iron Crab

I'm still on an Android Maxx and it's really showing its age. I really want a OnePlus 6T, but I don't want to spend that much money on a 4G phone when 5G is coming out this year. This looks like a great cheap replacement phone for me, that will last a few years while 5G coverage improves. Then I'll probably look at OnePlus phones again at that point. Thanks for the great video!

Luca Gallardo

Es la peor pija posible que podes tener en la mano, vos y tu video se pueden ir a la concha de su madre:)))

Clementa Flowers

I had this phone I loved it and it was my first phone bill but now I have the iphone 8plus 😍😍😍 no turning back

Nerd Charm

I hear what you're saiyan lmao that was so terrible but I had to! I'm checking out reviews to possibly switch phones for a different camera and I just decided not to go with Moto due to your review. I don't think I've ever owned a Moto phone. Good review!

brs rafal

I had e4 this is lighter faster louder the 5 play glad I got it instead LG aristo 3 got it for 59 bucks great phone

gachaCurse gamer

Mine came from boost Mobile and the same phone!!

Shelia Paige

Mine has a finger print to an it loiud u can hear it all over the place it all grate but it have Oreo an it a good ass phone Ilove my Motorola E5she my baby now😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 SheliaP 💜 💜💜 💜💜 💜💜 💜💜 💜

Miko Fox

I did some researching and I wanted to know if it came with splash protection or if you had to buy it separately when you ordered/bought the phone
great review btw, I'm about to get my own phone (a Motorola e5 play (this)) and I'm really happy that I can. Know for sure that I'm getting a good quality phone for a low price!


Just got this for my mum on contract for £7.50 per month with no up front cost. 250 minutes calls, 5000 texts and 500mb data. She’s not a user of the internet. Anyone interested in the UK it’s with Tesco mobile. Great for kids too as you can cap the monthly costs if you are paying for their phone!


Should i buy this phone or something else Matthew?

Tom Thumb

There is a fingerprint scanner on this phone.