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brenton smith

Update: The official press release for the Nubia Z20 has revealed that the Nubia Z20 will launch in the US, Canada, Europe, and the UK in September.


in some pages it says it's being protected by sapphire which is impressive if it do but on others,only mentioning of normal gorilla glass.please try to verify that.I asked zack from jerryrigeverything the day it got announced to check that out and see if it scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7 or is the scratching,happen above level 8.but until he buy it and checks that,you may try to ask nubia about that.

movie trolls

Sir, I understood everything about how much hard you all work. I want a mobile gaming phone at least price can you help me get out of this. If you give me ASUS ROG 2 or Nubia Red Magic 3 for less price even if they were used also no problem because I don't mind bro please help to get it. It is my mail: vasuravi47@gmail.com
Thanking you
-yours subscriber

Abdo Daccache

Great video I've been waiting it love ur video 👍

Daniel Rex

much better than oneplus since its wide angle lens is crap and cant take wide angle video

Ciago Sang Neu

Nubia user here○ waiting for this handset from India☺

Enmy Myen

I have an Axom M and I can understand the 2 screen but in that way which one is the benefit? At least one OLED and the other eink

Muhammad Kermali

How would you use a case for this tho?

Aman Singh

Nubia z17 mini user here from India waiting for this beauty

Jamil Estella

Brilliant review! You made me a fan of both the channel and the phone. Wish this was available in the usa on the Verizon network but oh well. Someday. Can't wait for my notes 10+! Wish you mak a comparison video with it and the oneplus 7P and the N10+

Mathan kumar

Could you please make full review of this nubia Z20 phone as soon as possible, coz i'm going grab new phone now which i going to compare with ZTE Axon 10 pro.


From where can i buy this in China? Do you know any online website


sometimes the chinese version is better than global in camera section,try to sideload/replace the global camera apk with chinese version and see if it improves photo/video quality.
thanks for being the latest tech-grabber,man


dude your HUD is way overloaded. you dont need the time and your logo and making the image smaller. just use a normal format 🙂

Marvin Bautista

How to flash global rom in nubia red magic 3?

D. Shadocx

So just because the phone comes with DTS HD Sound you assume it has stereo speakers???
You said the same thing with the Lenovo Z6 Pro with Dolby Atmos if I'm not wrong and it doesn't.
Then there's the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro that has Dolby Atmos and no stereo speakers.
I don't see what DTS HD Sound and Dolby Atmos has to do with stereo speakers.
But I have a question now, are DTS and Dolby Atmos related to the phone's speakers or to the headphones?


I just realized that this phone's design is just too awesome! They eliminated the use of popup cameras, revolving cameras or whatever you wanna call it and to be able to use the main cam as the selfie cam and also to get rid of that notch. This design works like wonders. I will definitely wait for its global release.