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Daniel Martins

One of the best China phone reviewer i'v seen, very detailed and objective. Continue the good work


I just got it and the volume rocker and power are very loose (they rattle if you shake the phone) is this normal?

Angelo Price

Do not buy if you live in United States!

Carlos Motta

Your reviews are pretty good! Your voice sounds nice and clear, you cover every single aspect of the product, and don't throw us stupid jokes. Subscribed with pleasure.

Eagle Ales

this phone does not 4g LTE, so no good for me, any way nice review s7yler.


Hey the setup in techsources Video for youtuber edition setups what desk was it and how much it was sexy

Faress El Farissi

hi s7yler , thanks for your efforts.
any possibility that's you review the coolpad s1 and coolpad cool play 6 ?

Rhett Oracle

Nice review! Oukitel certainly has a good designer working for them as all their phones have some premium details in price range. Wish they had US bands.