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Star Fyodperor

Can it be done with any phone ? I have le Eco 2...

Emmanuel T. Prada

Port to Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 (SM-A510M), please!! 🤞❤

abcde fghi

Hey can i install this OS on my xiaomi poco f1 ? Which is not listed under the installer?

Jānis Pranaitis

hey guys, anybady tried to install ubuntu touch on xiaomi mi 5s???

AIO YouTuber TV

I wish it could run on my NOKIA 6.1 plus with android 9.

Vaibhav Verma

https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=3518 what isn this file ?? do i need more for flashing dont kill the old devices let make p3100 workable

anewhope tosee

Might be handy for Huawei to develop that os

Mrluffy85 Android

Super, a quand pour toute les marques ? Je suis un grand fan de linux.


Hi do you think Huawei P20 Pro will work on Ubuntu ???


last I checked there is no options for ZTE installation. trash software. it's just a trash software it doesn't work correctly or at all for a lot of different phones.

అహిలన్ హట్టి

Pff, this is all just trash. This person didn’t answer my question, so someone reading the comments please do: Can you install Ubuntu touch on Apple phone and delete iOS from it?


i hope someone in Redmi 5A forum will look at this. i want Ubuntu Ported to my Redmi 5A, but i don't know anything about ROM porting.