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Aayush Verma

😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝 can't stop laughing!!!

Maan Rai

Hey There Alex thanks for the video really enjoyed watching

R.V.C Tech

I would rather get an old high end smart phone...

Pranay Pathole

I kinda dig the thumbnail! 😉 nice video Alex👌👀

Brian Kilpatrick

this was a surprise and yes i laughed, thumbs up Alex 🙂

Visvesh Iyer

I like your style. The review made me chuckle.

Toto Riina

aia n-o sa mai scoata niciun telefon niciodata dupa review-ul asta :))

ghebaur emil

O daaaa,mă făcuși sa râd cu poftă @Alex, super tare video-ul la naiba,cu 120$ cumperi LeEco S3 sau Xiaomi Note 4X sau multe altele,telefoane bombă nu ăsta :)))

Vishal Giri

that's really a big joke, looks like WiePPo is still living in 2014 to make a phone like this, great video bro!!

Shailene Woodley

Made my day. Best review ever. Best Phone ever.

ashwani singh

Awesome viedeo man
Keep it u
Support forever

Dónal Lowry

What phone can you "buy for an extra 10 bucks from a bigger brand"?

Teja Saab Saab

You can split two apps on ine screen thats why would buy it. Hahaha

Jerry G

$120 for that crap? You better off buying a sorry ass Blu phone then this crap. This makes Blu phones look like a Samsung phone in comparisons.

Syed Mahmood

😂 I don't think that they gonna launch any other device after seeing this review

Valo P.

What's the name of the phone that is 50 dollars with 15 hours of screen time?

gurmail singh

Fuk Off...🗣. 🖕 West My Time.......


did u get your hands on the mi a1.
it's awesome

Diana Peek

As a Brit I can't understand a word you say, you speak too quickly and your accent is so strong. Sorry!!!

Cricket Stream Live

hahahha i really enjoy urs all video's bt this one is just amazing can't stop laughing... Love from india

Mz No Skills Living Singular in the Desert

There is a difference between getting something cheap, or getting it for a bargain price. With that said, I can assure you that I shall continue to search for a great bargain in the "very affordable phones" category.

Yasser Jamjoom

man i just love all of your videos ! alot of useful info about every new thing, i just bought a leeco pro3 from watching u for a few days i hope you keep it up and wish you the best!


But for the price should be like 50-55 DLLS...For $100 u can get at leats 4gb ram, 64 internal storage or 32

Romero Junier

Lol great video cracked me up Alex 😂

AJ Dude

Hey Alex, what was a $50 phone with 15 hours of screen on time you mentioned here?

TechnicalDoctor [ Sanjay Sharma ]

Just wasted my time.
This video will give you a lot of unsubscribers