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Davin Peterson

Cricket Wireless (owned by AT&T) used to sell ZTE phones, but not anymore. They don't list any on their website and don't have any displayed at their stores. I think the ones they sold last year are no longer supported. I have a ZTE Blade X stuck on Android 7.1.1 and they stop releasing patches last fall, one year after it's release, which means it never got Android 8

Davin Peterson

It seems ZTE only supports their phones for one year and then stops updating them

Servant of The King

The best phone I've ever had was the ZTE blade Zmax. Somebody stole it. I still miss it. This phone looks almost as good. I hope ZTE gets the legal issues all worked out and makes a comeback!

William Sowell

The plus side to ZTE is Dolby audio. It makes a hell of a difference on a Bluetooth speaker.

EL Dave

I rock the ZTE Blade Max for a while. Good phone...

G-MAC Johnson

I would say yes because the price is a lot lower ZTE phones tend to have great cameras and and great battery life

Wayman Simmang

I have one and it is a good phone. For the price it is good. Verizon on it makes put it in a class of its own for a budget phone that is unlocked. I wouldnt pay more than 99 for it though. It run fairly fast with the 435 chip set and 3 gigs of ram though... but one from ebay if you want the best deal. It isnt the fastest phone but for the normal user it will do fine. Has a very nice display. hat was disappointing is its not going to get android 9

julio colon

It's a great phone but after using my s10 plus it's to slow for me. It was great when I had it and didn't know better. Thank you again because of you and tech right you helped me make my decisions. Thank you tech gang