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jjt jp

get the same thing for less than 1500........ bestgear


doesn't Sony make a 100" OLED? I think I saw one in Singapore at a Sony store

Gary sim racing GP

Les couleurs sont vraiment bizarres

Tony H

Sorry but if you spend $10,000 on a TV man unless you're super rich and you have unlimited amount of money you're just throwing your money away for $10,000 that's a down payment on a house that's a paying back student loans that starting a business you got $10,000 to throw away shoot give me some of that money

Enja der Let's Player

God of War 4 ist einfach ein geiles Spiel

Mark Moody

Wait! You are demonstrating 9,000 dollar system and you are almost completely oblivious to the specs but even worse just actual basic information about it! What a complete waste of my 10 minutes of life! Jeez


Get a product from china by paying them money. They get money and use it to make their missiles bigger. Which they WILL point and FIRE at usa. Judgement day for my great grandchildren.

Дикий Боксер


Дикий Боксер


99 Red Balloons 🎈

Guys haven't seen top of the line sony projectors


Only a dumb a$$ would buy this. Have you seen Sony's 4k projectors? You can also get an OLED TV for less LOL


Is that guy with the white hair looking over at a seriously hot chick all the time? If he is, I can forgive him but I think he might be reading from an idiot board which annoys me more than the price.

Eduard Anton

is it just me or there's a tint of purple on the screen?

Darren Munsell

Omg Leo Leporte ... rip The Screen Savers

Darren Munsell

Most 4K laser projectors have a standard 100" size. The Mi One is $3000k USD and there are others that allow you to to refresh rates of 100Hz or more.
You do sacrifice input latency , most projectors are in the 30-100 ms range.

As long as you push a 4k signal into it, even up scaled, it helps push the projector towards its maximum performance

Sources — Youtube

Travis Robinson

But roku brought them roku sucks never buy roku tv

Лев Герасимов

Цвета у него что-то не очень хорошо показывает. Даже цвета комнаты, часы на полке, подсветка лучше выглядит.

Zac Dior

Hisense need to change their name to losense. Every TV I've come across are budget TVs. When did these people start playing the premium game? I wouldn't trust it to last 20,000 hours, nevermind the 50.000 stated. Laser light is dangerous and should be left to the big boys that of Sony, Samsung, Philips, LG etc...
Hisense for 9k? You've got to have nosense to pay that for it.
Peace ✌️ out people

Jens Erik Bech

Very disappointing picture! Totally lack of popping colors and contrast.

Raimy Mohamad

100 inches of weather baby! lol. I liked the video as soon as he said this.

John Baker

Hisense isn't a brand I'd consider paying nine grand for.