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I tried to search apple HDR and this is the only relevant result? Lol apple sucks.

Ange Alexiel

apple Tv is the best box and best service available, all movies i got on HD, were upgraded for free to Ultra HD 4K HDR or dolby wision, and only apple does that...

Tommy Yake

I would love to see a similar shootout between:

SDR HD iTunes to SDR BLU Ray ,

SDR Blue vs DolbyVision iTunes ,

SDR BluRay to HDR BluRay aka BlackRay

I am curious of the Mbps delivered to the panel and if that appears to affect the background texture as much or more than we saw between iTunes Dolby and HDR 4K BluRay. ...

Joseph Mahoney

Jesus!! It took you over 3 minutes to get to the point if this video...

Jamie Smith

Dolby is just a name... my panasonic umb-900 says it is doing 12-bit color


To have film grain? To not have film film grain? There is no question. Film grain is what forms the detail, in film negative. If there is noticeable film grain, deal with it. You learn to love it, because if it is "airbrushed" out of a film, due to compression, then you are essentially looking at how the film would look, if the film maker filmed through a lens thnlinly covered by petroleum jelly.

Jean-Jacques Paravisini

I had to stop the video at the 8:54 mark. The guy knows what he’s talking about. But I couldn’t handle his droning on and on and on in the same monotone voice, and without ever getting to the point. I was about ready to fall asleep on the type of tech topics I’m always interested in learning more about. I’ll have to search elsewhere.


I would have to wait either 10 or 20 seconds for each second to download at these bitrates.

Parker Hero

Give me that Apple Sauuuceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

N Thomas

I noticed that the left had greater detail, and deeper blacks than the streamed version on the left!

Hungry Dude

I love his videos, but his Chinese accent and wrong pronunciation are so frustrating to listen to. (I’m not racist, I’m just telling the truth...)

Robert K

Hi, I have a 500/500 Mbps ISP. Do you think the Apple TV will perform better on a faster connection?


It sounds like potentially IF you have good enough internet the Apple product is pretty darn good 😀


Please do not judge image quality solely from this video alone, because our camera's limited dynamic range cannot fully capture the HDR presentation accurately.

Also, 2017 OLEDs introduce some blue tint off-axis which is unavoidable due to our camera/ TV placement, leading to colour differences which are not present in real-life viewing.

But hey, it's in 4K! 🙂

Rafal Dudek

I have a question, and it's possible I missed it in video, how do you get the bitrate information to display on screen?

David Goodall

I didn't see a comparison of the steadiness of the motion between the two formats. I always suspected that 4K streaming didn't provide as smooth motion as the UHD blu-ray versions. I have a fast enough internet connection but I still see 4K streamed content drop frames (or appear to).

and ?

...'fwom an abewteeveeforkybucks'. Please get a native english speaker, this is painful.

Gerd Meier

Mentioning the Bitrate:
Both Movies are not native 4K, as most of the actual movies are not. Even though they are shot in 4K, the digital intermediate is 2k. For the UHD it is already upscaled to 4K, streaming delivers the 2k version and the Apple TV or the TV is doing the upscaling. That‘s why the bitrate varies so much.


This fella don't look like a 'Vincent'. Chang, Fu would be more appropriate.

Roland Rohde

Interesting, that you get Spiderman in 4K HDRin the UK, while we only get HD Germany...even though Brexit hasn't happened yet...

Kristoffer Abildgaard

You should do this test again. I have found that older more grainy films tend to look different than their UHD discs. For example “The Big Lebowski” looks quite a bit better on disc.


Great video. One of the biggest questions many have is whether Dolby Vision content with a lower bitrate from Apple TV looks better than UHD Blu-ray in HDR10 (i.e. without dynamic metadata). Studios seem to be releasing many more movies in Dolby Vision on Apple TV and simply releasing HDR10 to UHD blu-rays. A huge bummer for enthusiasts.

Safety Steve

On my old apple tv box if the broadband wasn't fast enough all I have to do is pause for 10 minutes and the box buffers enough to play at best quality, does the new one not do this ? I mean why does it have 64 gigabytes of memory ?

Dexter Legaspi

you should have compared the final Spider-man vs Vulture or the Avenger's cargo plane hijack scenes since they are very dark and will, uh, highlight the differences in shadow detail rendering and/or retention.


The digital version looks just as good I rather have convenience and no clutter over physical media just for a tad better picture who ever cares about that has too much time and money on there hands lol

Gabe G

End the end 4k bluray disc is better then streaming

Gabe G

This depends on what TVs you got every TV in the world are different