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Daniel Bin

Vincent, it is possible to get Atmos sound from this TV app (Netflix) to a AV receiver?


What I wanted to say is: they launched the new alpha 9 processors all most an year ago and all they have done so far has been to fix the software problems that came with the TV ... problems that did not exist on cheaper b8. They showed us some presentation clips how this new processor will revolutionize the motion issues on lg tv's, but they tricked us


I’ve seen this TV going for £5900. I currently have the 65 E6 and I love it. Very tempted to upgrade to the bigger size, it was stunning. Advice? Worth it or not? I know what I had seen in the shop was on shop floor setting.


I just ordered this TV after debating on getting the Sony Z9D for $2K. I'm upgrading from the C6 I purchased about two years ago, I got a great price on it, $1950 which is close to what I paid for it.


I have the C8 65 inch. Awesome picture. Perfect blacks. I’m still awed by that, was so used to dark gray being used for black, lol. However, OLED is what I will call a temporary technology. Once micro led is available and affordable it will kill OLED. The reason is burn in of course. Micro led has all the advantages of OLED but no burn in.

Tom Varian

I come for the unrivalled information on TVs, I stay for the excellently edited humour. 5 stars.

De292 289

How do you remove the ‘no tv input screen’ and just have the normal picture frame image on its own? It’s annoying. Thanks

Sebastian W

I’ve already calibrated video settings for my C8 + 4K Blu-ray player with customized Cinema mode (for Dolby Vision) & ISF Expert Dark Room (for HDR10). However, I can’t find any calibration settings online for best picture quality when using the TV’s built-in YouTube app. Any recommendations?

I’m having problems with WiFi. When I turn off quick start plus the tv don’t connect to 5ghz WiFi . It loses connection when I turn off tv and turn it back on 5 min later and it won’t connect to 5g when I try to reconnect I have to like delete the WiFi and re enter password. But when I try it with 2.4 WiFi it connects even after turning it off n turning it on 5 min later. When I leave QuickStart + on and turn off tv the WiFi connects for 5ghz with no problem. Is this… Read more »

Found the problem “ I think” I have to wait 2-5 min for it to connect 5g. After that it connects.

Raghav Sanghi

There is so much of the Soap Opera effect on the OLED C8. I bought the 55C8 yesterday, and that's the first thing I noticed. Contacted LG, and they just couldn't resolve it. Ive paid $2k and wondering if there are any trumotion settings that I need to set to completely eliminate it. Any help will be appreciated! I got 12 days to switch back to Sony, if the settings cannot eliminate the soap opera or the judder effect. Its frustrating when you're watching a 4k video and just don't get the smooth motion flow!

Timothy Lowe

Hello, when using internal plus external speaker settings is audio one touch tuning available? Later this summer I’m looking at either the new c9 or the c8 depending on the feature price balance.

John Doe

Anyone know what the difference is between the P and the PUA models? Best Buy has the C8P model and Costco has the C8PUA model, does it have anything to do with the tv? If so what exactly are the features?

Jeff Porper

Rich enough to fly Mr. Teoh over to the states to calibrate my new C8.


These televisions should be tested without any calibration as this is how most of the people are going to use them.

Welsh steveee boyo

I think I shall wait till 2036 by then we will have 2.8 HDMI with super duper e-arc and you can't forget the 96 gig, well worth waiting for, don't you think Vincent.? Since I'm going to be waiting a while, I'll just convince myself that "relapse is part of Recovery" and just wait for it.😎 they do say time goes quicker when you're mashed up.?


I love this guy's dry humor, screw harder, ding.


LMAO... drinking all your beer, sleeping with -cut-" my kind of humor bro

beatz gametech

Phenomenal t.v. for movies but just doesn't do as well as the Q9 for video games. My Q paired with Xbox1X is a match made in heaven.

Ian Jiang

Are the painting screen saver with frame native to the LG OLED TVs or content from somewhere else?

Ferdinand s

Need Help!: Hello, i just purchased my new 65" OLED. Absolutely love it. There is just one problem: stuttering in low framerate content! Do you guys have any advice? Sincerely Ferdinand

Brandon Smith

How do I find someone this awesome to set up the display???

Test Flyer

Vincent — so if you’re working with Photoshop all day, I get why you would calibrate your monitor so that it matches your printer...but why would you calibrate a tv? Why wouldn’t you just adjust it so that looks great to your own eye?


"maybe I need to screw harder" lol 🙂