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I love this movie. Keep up the great videos Man. Except for the color being overblown. I get the jest of the clean picture and noise-free signal. It looks very clean for cable man thanks for putting this up. And as you know my C9 is already on its way. The European shootout winner. I can't wait.

Real 4K Review

I'm real close to purchasing a 55 c9 for the bedroom. I was looking at an lcd cause I already own an a9g that I'm in love with and a second oled may be overkill but screw it lol.

Innox GTX

I've seen it,. and people talk about this, that OLED-tv's have some BLUE-colour,... when they compare to LCD-tv's... Is it ?? You have the q80r... so do you see some blue-ish tints... on whites or anywhere ??