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Ashraf Jabarullah

@geekranjit — starting with thanks ... your review was helpful to identify the right tv for me. I recently purchased 55oled from LG. Would like to know if you recommend taking amc for 55 oled tv to cover burn in issues. I am a mild user by the way. Max usage will be 3-4 hrs max


l have LG original 65" C8P only need 12000rmb,English language.pls contact me if you have interset.whatsapp/wechat:0086-13929571060

Kishor Patil

55UK7500PTA vs OLED55B8PTA which one you will prefer?

Ankush Vashisth

The tv is 4k and the likes which he got that are also 4k

murugesan selvanlaxmanan

LG OLED 55C8 OR samsung 55Q6F

srikanth arra

In this Oled models there is burning issues ...2 or 3 years OK for it after that u will see the screen ghost shadow...soooo dont go for it...check once Oled burning issue video on youtube

Don Cherney

Good video. Do I have to have external speakers with this tv or are there speakers on board without having to fork out more money for speakers?

Dib Saikia

Just got the 65" one and it is a gorgeous display.

Murugan Chelladurai

Is it has Google play services?????

gopal kalola

Awesome tv but amc is very expensive more than 30%to 40% per year cost off purchase after one year

Anurag Reddy

Assuming you have used the particular oled for a long time, should you shed some light on burn in ?
I suppose that's one concern here, as people buy TV to use for years (me for instance would look at 7-10 years) unlike phones.
People comment on having no burn in issues in past one year, assuming the technology is prone to burn in sooner or later, one should definitely wait for the technology to settle it


Wt is the Difference between b8 and c8 bro. Only processor or anything xtra

sharath reddy

you should have mentioned about screen burn in ,since its the main deal breaker for an oled tv

Pritam Paul

Sir please tell me Lg 55Uk6360pte are right choice for buying???


I need 55 inch tv information under 1 lakh


Sir i would like to buy lg oled 55b8 amd its price is 1.2 lakh is it okay or will you suggest any other tv for this cost or is it ok


Hi ranjit. Just wanted to ask what is the best time to buy the oled 55c8 tv. With the new series coming, can i get it for around 1.25 lacs. The current quote is 1.44 lacs. Kindly reply.


In flipkart its cost 1.69 laksh only

jegan m

I have got this TV and. I have problem regarding sound output
What the problem is the TV have optical output my surround system doesnt .how to connect TV sound to the home theatre 5.1?