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Rick Lockhart

So answer me this are you saying that the Q70R is not a real 4K TV , because you said it will only do 2K at 120

The problem I had with the SK9000 was giant gray boxes where the dimming zones were on DV content from both my Fire Stick 4K and the on tv apps (although on tv apps were slightly better). If the new model exhibits the same, I am not interested in the least. I do like wider viewing angles and everything else about the picture quality was okay for me (even as stated the darkened areas that look slightly unnatural). On the SK9000, no dimming was too gray in my opinion. I hope to see this new model tested with Altered Carbon… Read more »
G Spot

Does the Samsung support HDMI spec VRR? Or only the FreeSync?

praba karan

Clear winner is LG ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...samsung has no natural its warm and saturation...lg is good and also viweing experince soo good

Antony Li

Good comparison. It's a difficult decision.

Marco Mass

VRR is not an available feature on this tv per LG's website.

Clubsoda On the Rocks

Samsung colors has to be unnatural huh. I am using S9 phone and most of my friends think the screen and photo looks great. Then I show them the photo and the real things side by side. funny most of them never realized that.

futureace One

Picture quality (contrast and particularly color) looks better on the Samsung. That is most important. TV operating systems are not a reason to choose one over the other. External TV boxes like Amazon Firestick 4K, Roku, nVidia shield, etc can always be plugged into any TV and give you a better operating system than any TV and one that can be updated over time. TV manufacturers generally don't update their operating system much after the first year or two at most.

Ip Singh

In video most of place LG looks Better than Samsung


The LG is almost there. It should have variable refresh (Freesync) for consoles, PCs

André GM

For gaming LG has an option called Super Resolution, dunno if Samsung have something like that, you should try it turns the image more crytal clear and sharp, otherwise I know Samsung has Game Motion Plus, wich turns 30fps games into 60fps with low input lag, dunoo if LG has any option like that too.

Joey Jojo

Thanks for the review. I was on the fence between picture and sound, but I need hdmi 2.1 for the sound benefits.

JustAlittleBit OfSugar

The only difference am seeing is contrast ratio.Besides that I would use the LG IPS in a lit room,and the Samsung VA suited better for dark room.

Tiago Cosseau

Thanks for the review. I preferred the Q70. I would be nice if You could you compare the Q70R with the Sony 950G (XG95) side by side?

The Tech Enthusiast

This video is so biased, do not base your decision on this video.

Jorge Cortes

La serie 9000 contiene dolby vision y sounraund


no samsung no hdmi in the TV👎😡 but via the fish wire to the external hdmi box

Phil Dawson

Samsung are going backwards no DTS audio playback via usb movies. Absolutely ridiculous because my Samsung tv from 2016 plays everything apart from atmos

eclipse turbo

Samsung qled has warmer and unnatural colors (many people love unnatural colors) , horrible viewing angles

Alexander T

"Happy with samsung motion processing..." Just look at those few seconds starting at 4.00 at flying man...


Lo mejor es QLED y se recomienda para video juegos y no hay retención de imagen como OLED ... en QLED tienes detalles en zonas obscuras y en OLED se pierde ecenas obscuras ... y en OLED se calienta el panel ya en ciertas hora viéndolas y en QLED no pasa eso ... por eso se recomienda más QLED de Samsung


Mal comparativo QLED se compara con OLED ... que mal que este tipo no sepa comparar o ver la diferencias de tecnología ... o lo que es peor no sabe diferenciar tecnologías frontales ... muy mal de este tipo ...

Own Your Masters

I've had an LG 3D TV for years and their products are fantastic! I'll be buying the new Nanocell LG next!


The lg is equipped for the future, it gets much brighter, it supports every audio format and it's much cheaper than Samsungs gimmick Qled marketing.

NOOKEY69 Hard!!

Q70R all day for the win!! Who wants milky blacks!!😂😂🤣🤣 LG makes the best oleds, but makes the worst leds on the market!!😉😉😉

kevin brant

Read these comments to get an idea now I wish I hadn’t,half of you say Samsung and half say LG,I suppose it’s which side of the fan base your sat on,I have still no idea

milapchand bhora

at 1:40 you can see the clear difference in contrast
samsung has better details and contrast in bright areas 
Lg has more detail and contrast in dark areas
that's what I s from the video


the TV is a screen for me, so oled, or at least va panel


Сделайте на паузу на 4:03 и вы хорошо увидите как космонавт который слева рассыпается на пиксели.


Samsung Q70R is killing the LG SM9000 in this video! the SM9000 looks like a walmart bargain bin tv next to the Q70R .

Pathompong Chanthaisri

Good comparison for this Tvs class, seems like LG did it little bit better than Samsung just about playing 4k@120fps, this function will support the future videos.

СНС Богдан

LG SM9800 SERIES IS TOP MODEL OF NANOCELL , with FALD SM9800 has contrast ratio 4000:1 and 1500 nits brightness , also has better black colors and more local zones than SM900 , SM9500 SERIES


They really don't sell TVs anymore these are just PC Monitors. My old SD CRTS have better blacks. My panny Plasmas will destroy anything Except for a Kuro. So really the only option is oled. but for this review I would go with the a slightly different model being a videophile myself the Lg nano 49in. 8 series 8600 only $650 right now and use as a bedroom tv or pc monitor. Which it also supports 4:4:4 so will look great for pc.

Westside Tech

LG Winner . Dolby Vision and Dolby Atoms build in and Fully functioning 2.1 and EArC and WebOS ... This a no brainier

dave jones

Sending my LG NanoCell back picture is rubbish black bars looks grey just top left of screen and bloom is horrible

Kris Fx

helpful videos, but guys please, you can edit your video colors. everything you post is grayish

Rodrigo Camargo

who likes home theater and have a Dolby Atmos home theater, should choose LG because Sansung do not have support fot Dolby Atmos movies and series on the Netflix App.

ʌǝʇǝɾnʌʍ ınɟǝɾnı

Difficult to make a decision... I'll wait another year...

Illusion Of Gaia

So 2k at 120fps for Samsung. Yet they claim the TV is 4K. What’s up with that???

Marija i Iva D.R.

LG tv is THE TV,and LG oled is THE OLED all others are just poor imitations, leave samsung to peasants and common people.Just one LG oled R tv is worth more then whole Samsung 2019 tv line up.

Arijit Bhattacharjee

I would rather choose LG C9 OLED ...best at that price


lol so the reviewer gave it to lg for a better os.hmm...i think ill go with the better picture and motion handling.also this reviewer likes washed out images since he picked the q70 over the q80r smh


If you compare the 49" variants of these two TVs i´d go with the LG because it has a 120hz panel and keeps its VRR and the Samsung doesn´t. But at 55" and above i think i´d go with Samsung for the better contrast ratio and less blooming but i´d sure feel bad when the first HDMI2.1 GPUs come out