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David Livesey

Which set at this price point would you recommend which has good viewing angles? Lg i guess


Is it true that the 43 model doesn't have bluetooth?

Damien Wynne

Hi Dan, what area do you cover? I'm in East Sussex near Kent and Surrey borders. I would like to PM you regarding a quote for a wall mount install on a 75Q90R. Thanks

Adrian from Falkirk UK

Very poor viewing angle i can see on this video,i dont have this on my Q8DNA😉😉

Lee Lucas
To be honest I could not notice the bad viewing angles show up on the camera. But another thing about the 43 inch version of the 7400 range is that most of them have IPS panels so you will not notice that much of a difference in the viewing angles. All the bigger models in the 7400 range come with VA panels so you will without a doubt notice the viewing angles on those. The 43 inch model does not have Bluetooth either like the bigger models in the series have. Great to see this range set up Dan and… Read more »
Nick Hickson

Blimey a TV with screen just 1" more than my Sony yet that stand is so wide again considering width of TV. I know I'm paranoid about wide stands Dan.

Neil mark Taylor

Can’t wait to see the new LG OLED C9 unboxing