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Raios Rogue

What kind of 4k HDR TV can you buy for 3000$ the answer is the best one The Samsung Q90R

Ikari Warrior

I think you mean JJ Abrams, not Michael Bay 😀. Nice review, keep up the good work!


You make very professional content, great work! Wish you the best in the tough electronics YouTube space

brad miller

Q80r or the new Vizio Quantum X. The x looks good on paper but I returned the 2018 Quantum because I have 3 year old Samsung that had sharper picture. I have a ks8000 and it has been a good tv for the last 3 years. The Quantum X will be brighter but I’m looking for best picture quality.

reviewfor thetube
The q80r 55 inch is only 1799.99 and the 65 inch is 1999.99 not bad at all amazing TV for the price movie mode was great until they decided to update it because of Vincent they made it more accurate and took some of the pop away on purpose but all of the other modes are very colorful and very bright so they did that on purpose I had this TV first week I saw the huge difference with the 2 updates people dont like the new movie mode so I know for a fact there going to update it… Read more »

I highly suggest getting this calibrated, it has a very low red balance in high brightness, i noticed that is a thing across models of this tv. The Q9FN performed much much better than the newer models

Brendan Connell
Thanks for the review and great as always. With everything considered, would you prefer this or the Q9FN? While I know this years models are a bit less bright and have a smaller color gamut, it sounds like the color can be dialed in to be more accurate this year with calibration. The better viewing angles, input lag (~20ms to ~15ms), updated HDMI capabilities, and uniformity are positives for me but I love the black levels of the Q9 as well. I’m worried about crushing and blooming which seems to be an issue depending on which is chosen. Hockey is… Read more »

Think I’ll stick to my Q8FN I’m happy with tht tv , great view 👍

Angel U

Hey Villaman, im looking to get a Q80R, because im returning a 2nd Q8FN because of a taskbar tinting and purple and yellow smear's that developed in the panel, i had a 900e and it was purfectly gray with this grey pattern, let me know if you can test your tv out with this pattern, im also looking at the vizio quantum x 💰.

Daryl Austin

too bad no DV support wonder how this compares to the Sony X950G

Martin86 Chitembo

In Europe the get a metal remote and in the states a plastic one but why?

Whisper Status 74

Great job!! Such a shame having less zones than last years iteration.

Jerome Jax

Villaman, could you tell me what 75-80" OLED TV is Villaman approved? (any brand) Doesn't sound like the Q80 is it...🤔

Michelle Alexandria

Samsung would be the perfect tv for me if the dbags just added DV. I know DV isn’t the end all, be all, but its a current “standard” and fir the price they charge it ridiculous. Them creating their own format HDR+ just adds more insult. I’m also disappointed with how they messed up the One Connect Box. In the KS days it was small and used in the entire line up. Now they turned this great device into this obnoxiously large box and it makes no logical sense which devices support it.

Michelle Alexandria

What camera do you use and how do you capture HDR?

Newton R

You should honestly do a straight-up review of the Sony x950g 65"

Ryan Hemmings

In uk we get Q85R & 80 both available at Johnlewis

reviewfor thetube

Bro guess what Samsung just dropped the price to 1599.99 everyone get it while you can at that price it's an amazing TV especially at that price wow 1599.99 that's crazy good and 1999.99 for the 65 inch but I'm saying anybody that wants a 55 inch TV that's a killer price and the 65 inch being 1999.99 is a killer price for performance

Always VIRAL

What's it like compared to the Sony 950g?