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Guillaume Amorim

How much is it I paid 600$ for my lg tv and it doesent have wifi or nothing

Deion Mariucci

Great review! Can you watch this TV on non-HD channels from a 1 m distance? I would mostly be watching from a 2 m distance. Will my eyes hurt on non-HD channels? 

Frederik Falkentoft

hey, I was wondering, how is the motionrate/motionflow for this TV? I know the specs says 400 hz but is the actual screenfrequence 100 hz? Or is it just 50hz? I'm considering bying it, but i really want the motionflow to be fluent.

TheLegend Murf

does the steel samsung logo a the bottom of the tv light up?


Have my subscription, good Sir! Ordered the TV right after watching this, very good review! Thanks a lot 🙂

Gt 86

can you help i dont have a espn scorecenter app how do i install that? i got 6300

T - Ron

Did you calibrate the TV or find any calibration settings? if so post them please. 

c0ff33 t1me

That is a very nice bit of kit, will definitely consider this when I need to upgrade in future.

Shoaib Manandhar

Is there a recording feature in this model?


Another great vid man! I don't watch TV much anymore but if I did I would definitely take a look at this one after watching this review 🙂


What is it with Samsung and those bloppy sounds in their UI's? lol


Nice 😉 I picked up the F8000 series, 55", will do a review soon


actually I'm thinking if you actually use the word "actually" a little to often ...?


Had this TV for a while now still kicking ass love it

Belal Harb

Any idea how to turn the Logo on the bottom of the TV on/off?


Nice review of the TV. I'm getting the 40 inch in white next week 🙂


You should have mentioned that this TV is also 3D capable. I tried Avatar and the 3D looked very good.

Seth Atkinson
Bought this at Christmas time which replaced my Sony LCD 60hz, sold the Sony to a friend after 4 years of using it as our family television. The Samsung stopped working in June, just less than 7 months later, of course I didn't buy the extended warranty because it was a brand new TV and a Samsung so it had to last. It was on 5-6 hours a day actually a little less than my other TV, the picture was stellar, the sound left me wanting, although I'm an old veteran so I might just be deafening, so we bought a… Read more »

Please help my samsung series 6500 led tv won't stop advertising itself on the bottom of the screen.I don't have a remote and would like Feed back because this is the closest video I could find

steven byard

how good is this tv compared to a sony 42 inch W829? for example picture and input lag for games and also from a 3d point of view

Florea Marian

good review but dont take this wrong, i think you overuse the ¨actualy¨ word wich its pretty annoyin. 


nice review, thanks for that buuut the "actually" spam drove me insane 😉


Good Review but:
It is so hard to just change some channels up and down a little so we can see if there is a mini epg (like on old set top boxes) when u change channels?
Cant find a video on ytube where i can see this.
:- (


Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem neuen Fernseher. Gefällt dir dieser Fernseh noch? Oder hast du dir mittlerweile einen anderen besorgt? Wie ich gelesen habe, soll der Fernseher in allen vier Ecken schwarze Flecken aufweisen. Stört dich das nicht? Außerdem würde es mich interessieren, ob der Fernseh mkvs (z.B. mit DTS Sound) problemlos abspielt und externe Festplatten problemlos erkennt?

Michael Sueref

hi there nice vid thanks for the info.they had the 55 inch on a great sale for only 899 euroes so i just ordered it to replace my old 40 inch 8 years old samsung,i cant wait.I have conected to the tv a htpc with 6 tb hard drive in it,a ps3,a yamaha receiver rx-v3900 wich are conected to a 5.1 speaker surround klipsch rf  series.Now i think my home theatre will be complete!

Yahya M

Awesome video man I have the UE46F7000 it's awesome