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Tom Pupino



3000 for a tv and its not even qled or oled? Whats the point?

Which Doctor

The way Sony treats their customers is affecting their sales...


I have the AF9 but can't find the google app you mentioned in the video anywhere in the google app store? What is it called please, thank You.

Renaud Gg

It is not mentioned in the video but the contrast ratio is pretty poor and black level not so good on the 75 & 85 X950G due to XWideAngle technology...so better go with the 55 or 65’ for this model.

Scott Vik

Anyone know the main differences between this and the model 75XF8596? I just got my Philips 75PUS8303 credited from my local store due to a faulty panel. Now I’m looking for a new one, preferably around $2500 😌😌

CornBeeF 4-ule
I have a Sony Bravia S-Series LCD flatscreen TV. I bought it way back in September 2008. It was and still is a great TV. If or when I do need to get a new TV,it will definitely be a Sony. Friends and family members have had other brands of flatscreen tvs over the years but unfortunately none of them have lasted as long as the Sony Bravia I purchased back in 08. Alot of them have a Sony flatscreen TV due to the one i own. I didn't need to recommend it,the Sony Bravia did that itself when they… Read more »
KonoSuba this Wonderful World

Sony, Samsung and LG are holy trinity of tv's


I want to get rid of my A1E, Android TV is annoying

sidarth s

instead of buying this tv better go for lg c9 oled as it is far better than this tv


Man I love the soap opera effect. In fact I'd say its not strong enough on my OLED or my qled. Love the smoothness of these 120hz panels.

Joden Paolo Peroy

1:58 — 2:03 Except that they do? It says right there that they support eARC/ARC?

Justin Figgins

The Nvidia Shield TV has the same interface as the Sony X950G.

Shafiq rehman

Worst tvs brand ever ... sticky os android in tvs ... samsung and lg are best ...

Red Raider

And here’s why I don’t take this channel seriously. This tv is obviously just a rehashed 900 with very little change...yet “Sony is winning” lol stfu


No difference to my 55” x900f except the remote.

$3300 is a rip off.

Adam Carter

Waiting on that Vizio P Series Quantum X review!!!!!


Remote looks clean but would’ve changed the black buttons. New casing but same old buttons.

Leifer Driver

Sony has awesome "realistic-realism" picture... but as always, it's a bit more expensive. If I made more $$... that's all I'd buy. currently I have a LG 55 in. OLED from 10 months ago...not the latest OLED. Still, amazing performance !

Willi Hansen

The BDI Corridor features in almost every video, but you haven't reviewed it yet?!

BG's House

Looking forward to the FULL review...Looking...looking...


Retards. Lg makes sonys tv panel. Sony went under years ago FYI
Just buy a lg

Monty Britton

Cannot wait for your review! Curious how much the 950F is better than last years 900F. Not quiet ready to replace my 900F yet. Download Privilege 4K app and see how IMAX Enhanced looks on that set. Sony has a promotion with VENOM IMAX Enhanced. Wished I could get it but my TV is over a year old and past their deadline. Keep up the great work Caleb! Enjoy watching your videos.

Digital Trends

What are you most excited about for this TV? What's your favorite feature?

Aaron Buenaventura

"and we get to screwing" that always get me, sorry i have a 12 year old brain, I'll show my self out


sony are expensive and quality/reliability drops a lot so no wonder that they lost market vs samsung ,LG and others

Kevin Dato

only can say... samsung and LG way more better then sony nowadays. using android on tv nahhh... slowing down for tv.

Christian Leveron

That tv costs more than my 2008 Acura TSX

del boy

Sony bravia are seriously shit... the remote has lag ffs... pressing buttons on a remote with 5 second delay or sometimes doesn't work... AVOID SONY TVS


"does not support eARC"... as the screen pans over the input that is labeled for eARC. Other than that... good initial review. Where is the rest!!!