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How can we see how good the 8k is if ur camera doesn't record in 8k and our screens rn aren't 8k O_O

Boe Dillard

I like the way the separate the electronics from the TV for easy wiring and they don't weld it to a giant useless speaker. Wish Sony and LG would do that.

Kenneth James

Well, at least Sara makes video at 4K so my big bad display can shine...yo it's a Samsung...and I have two 4K 55 inch TVs from them...extremely good even though they aren't the highest end.

Alan D1

Ha, the remote has a Prime button. I just canceled my Prime account so that button is sooooo yesterday.

Alan D1

Can the average person see the difference between a 1080p tv screen and an 8k screen

Fingerstyle Worship

Yeah...and for the price, I’m sure 5 people in the USA will be happy with it!

Returning Shadow

While it would be nice to be able to afford an 8k tv at this time, I'm not sure I would spend the money because frankly there is NO 8k content via cable/satellite or dvd movies (including bluray) and very little content on the internet. So it would make sense to wait until the tv prices come down quite a bit and more 8k content arrives. Otherwise these tvs are just upscaling current content quality and upscaling doesn't always look good.


Watching 1080p footage on a TV upscaled to 8K via a YouTube video which has been compressed and my highest quality setting is 720p, so... yeah.

Stevy Uriel

you are really funny! luv your contents...


8k tv is literally the biggest waste of money rn. You need to buy a big ass tv to truly see 8k and a big ass tv is not optimal for gaming to begin with. Besides there's almost nothing in 8k to watch.


How does this compare to the LG OLEDs? I have a 65C8P and honesty love the true blacks. 8k sounds really interesting though, and I’m sure as more content comes out it’ll be the norm in a few years.

Yannick Morand

@9:50 she is way too far to see the difference between 4K and 8K ...

J Martell

Come on girl! In Any topic that you speak, you looks so great. I love you.

Tomasz Kirmuc

I'm still in 720p zone. I'll pass 4k fever then, I guess.

Khalifa Papers

Thank you for wall-mounting your tv. Much appreciated.

Ashfan Saja

Damn. The way you talk and your facial expressions ❤

modern land

A low-level review without giving useful information to viewers of this video.

Shaun Halgryn

Funny, I knew about your channel for quite some time, but had an out of the blue thought to watch a Sara video.
Anyway... keep up the great work!

Michael Peckinpaugh

Is that an 8k tv? Yeah, but there isn't any 8k content...

Marcus Wong

Let me watch this awesome Peachy Video in 4K

Sarah: Hold my Beer

George Ou

How well does this work with NVIDIA gsync compatibility mode for variable refresh?

Keshan Ponnamperuma

Samsung is the king of tv...😊😊😊😊😊


8K is pretty wild. I'm still on a 13" Sony Wega CRT.


Do you think 8Ktv production will replace 4ktv production like it did with 1080p tv?