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đỗ xuân

i want 200ruby id eldorado 156425 i like okay sub okay

Tarek Soliman

I would do anything to bring my brother to stop playing this FUCKING GAME

Explore Everything

The creator is dumb as fuck, says to go on it takes 5 usd yet when I try to buy it, it says not accepted in my country . It should not be on my TV in my country if it is not accepted here.


You realize you can set health bars in settings?

Survival Extazi

Did you hack this game or give money for it, and if you hacked it can you tell me why because I play it too

max jampiere

id: 2DCBBEJVMBDXQ me suscribi 100 rubies :'v

Hung Hoang

Em đã lên đảo 4 và cấp 20 rồi đấy em còn có 4 con 4 sao và 1 con 5 sao

Yenny Zheng

Anyone knows is there any same apps on android besides from samsung tv games? My nephew is desperately looking for this game.

Luis Emanuel Gómez. Yarlequé

me gusta este juego el dorado juego

Mis Amores Huilca Ala

por favor podes sacar un video en que se a como recuperar mi cuenta de mi juego de el dorado en un smart tv