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Reza Khawari

veri very nice thank you veri mach 😙😙😙😙😙

Real Life

Can you help me
I don't connet bluetooth hedpone on my tv

Ayush Patra

Hey, my airpods show that they’re connected but the output still seems to be the tv speakers. Can you help please?

Joker and the Child

I got mine to pair. But it won't connect. Please help

Vaibhav Arora

Everything worked fine my JBL headphones also got paired but they were not connecting

bhanu pratap

I can't find the app Google play store 😕

Shashank more

Hey, i am able to pair but not connect. My headphones are not connected to any other device.

Vikas Singh

Through Bluetooth pair app Sony android TV could see 1more true wireless earbuds but couldn't connect.


Will this work simultaneously with 2 Bluetooth headphones?

Banty Chauhan

Hi bro, my headphone already contacted to TV but sound doesn't come to my headphone, sound still comes from TV plz help me

flav jay

I’m having same issue as everyone else my Powerbeats earphones show up in the Bluetooth Pair app but when I click on pair nothing happens... can you help please?

Play Record

Work but how to connect 3 Bluetooth headphones the same time?

Matt K

I don't get why this is needed...why can't our headphones just pair without this 😡