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Sam Pullen

Once again Sorry for the dark video... I wasn't really sure how do to the video in the limited space I have so here it is!!

Joy Joelle

I can't for the life of me figure out how to attach the stands at the bottom 😔

Shlomo Shekelberg

Got in at black Friday for, €699. A beast and for this price twice the value. I love that tv

Sagar Kau

Philips is product .but I don't know . Y they r manifacture from China . For Asian countries . Quality gatting 3 th class day by day . Original European made quality is different .

Imy Motala

I'm in a dilemma. To purchase this or a 50 inch Samsung EU50NU7400. Any suggestions?

Oladeji Fisayo

Nice review. However, you didn't state the actual model of the Phillips TV been reviewed.


Thanks for making this great review. I'm born and live in Eindhoven, Netherlands. In this city Philips started his first fabric//compagny in 1891 with lamps anf lighting. and still proud of the compagny . They are nowadays more focussed on healthcare like making MRI scans for hospitals. Still going strong

Tim Corridan

A Great Video once again and also a great looking tv...