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B. Zachary Bennett

Is the HDMI signal coming out in 4K?

Yaman Kaytaz

AirPlay thanks... to be honest, the iPhone X screen aspect ratio and the lack of landscape home screen make mirroring it to Apple TV look weird, and this is the main reason I chose not to buy an iPhone X. I may consider the iPhone X Plus if it ever comes out.

Haley Barrick

So I did this and the sound came through but not the video when I tried to watch a download from Netflix on my iPhone 8. What am I doing wrong? I’ve turned off the screen record already.


apparently Netflix and Hulu don't work after ios 11 with this adapter.


Hi, I’d like to buy this adapter but I would mainly use it with VLC or Infuse 5, could you perhaps check if either one of those applications work? Thanks!

Miguel Castro

Wow iPhone joke don’t need anything with Samsung not even wifi

Gracious Vine

quick question, I got the adapter and hdmi cable, it works, BUT I'm trying to get it so that I can view from the video in landscape mode lIVE, but it only shows the phone in landscape mode and a narrow strip in the middle of the tv when I am actually using the camera/video — I want to use it in a class room setting where I'll be projecting onto a larger screen what I am doing in real time...but HOW can I get it to broadcast and use up the entire screen

susan nowlen

When I hit the play for Netflix I am getting a black screen on by iPhone X and on the tv screen. How do I correct this

Hot Dog

I bought this adapter when it was new and cheaper. Not sure it is worth the current price.

What’s the max output over the adapter?

angela ofojie

You gave me the best idea and so I will buy that HDMI adapter.

gary frankie

hey this is great thanks for the video... the question ive got is can you stream live sport for the BT sport app to the TV??? this would allow me to cancel my bt sport subscription and stream the app...

Bluefalcon Z

Why can't you do wireless this like the android phones

Mobile Fun

Link to Purchase (All Countries)
Official Apple Lightning to HDMI Adapter — http://geni.us/AppleTVAdapter

Andrew Gannon

Obviously, wireless screen mirroring is what needs explanation not “buy an adapter” idiot

salvo rustico

hello I wanted to ask you something I own an iPhone X if I buy the cable HDmi I first connect it to my iPhone and then the second part I connect it to my sharp smart tv appears in real time what I have on my smartphone directly on my tv or not via hdmi settings


When I use airplay on my windows streaming YouTube. It lags. If I buy this adapter and use it. Will the lag be less?

Donald Nolan

Hey, is it possible to mirror your iPhone X full screen in portrait mode?


I want something without having to pay for another accessory. So a huge thumbs down. Anyone can figure this out with an accessory. Facts.

David Tyra

Would be helpful if you show how to use in the settings


On my XR I have a black border around YouTube content. How do I get rid of it?

Robert Good

Why am I not able to watch the videos I’ve recorded from my phone on my tv?


Thanks for your video — it is very useful for me. Keep up your good work.

Lars Gustafsson

Leave it to idudes to make a how-to video on a plug and play accessory 🤭 fan-jokes aside, all love ❤️

Sandy Weber

What do I need with this adapter to connect to my Honda Pilot screen?