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The problem is i cant change the subtitle position on samsung tv to make it higher up.

Xivyn 99

I did the steps, but when i want to start the serie it said: unrecognizable, and all of the files ignored... Anyone know what i need to do?

Blue recca

REMON REMON SAVE THE DAY!! thank you so much!!!


Dude, just use the Tab button next time, instead of clicking on each file


thank you so much I was struggling how to add the sub but this video is a life saver......

Mark Sison

How about you plug flash drive to your tv receiver? How to turn on subtitles?


kindly press Subscribe Button and like my video ... thanks


subtitles dont have black lines on my tv, everything just blends in on white backgrounds

Vijay Raghavan

Thank u... Eagle. I was trying downloading software and a lot more crap. So simple... great tip!!!

Vince Gibbs

This works on roku media player! Thanks . Downloaded subtitles for a mkv movie and now i have subs ty

Marco Rimoldi

Doesn't work on mp4 files on my qled tv, any help?

Lejindary Banana

Looks like it'll work but our TV's brand is 'Sharp' , will it work on me too

ll ll

useless...good only for mkv videos (with subtitles embedded)

haszrul zerul

thank thank thank know i understand my movie hehe

Juneil Binco

Thank you so much! thought our smart tv was broken because of this haha (or I was just too lazy reading the manual)


Thanks a lot.It was extremely helpful for me.Worked excellently for me and was very happy that it worked

Akram Abd Elraziq

Thank you it worked on my hisense smart tv