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Lon Brooklyn

Can you Mirror Apple SE to a smart non Apple tv?

nina metreveli

there's no airplay in my iphone what can i do?


The Apple TV doesn't show up on my phone when I hit airplay


how to i flip the screen horizontal on the tv?

Mitchel Basso-Luca

Let me ask why this guy is like a teenager and still has no service

Aditya Zainud Airlangga

What about the Maximum resolution of mirrored iPhone 5s on TV? Could it be 1080p?

Kevin Rios

does anyone think he sounds like delirious

x Akwa

What do you do with an iPhone and a Sony tv? (Android software)

The Vaping advocate

apple sucks !! i can screen mirror on my note 3 aka (android) with vizio/lg/sonny/samsung plus manualy with mhl to hdmi ! suck it apple aaahahaha just die !! i will get a lot of hate mail after this lol

Her Culiz14

This is the best shit. Im so getting this.


The mirroring isnt showing up on my iphone, any idea on how to fix?