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grime joker

Can you make a video for the best gaming settings for this TV, I have a 65"

Michael McReynolds

Now that there is a really nice smart LED TV my friend I like it that looks really sharp that is awesome I like that TV very impressive video my friend very impressive I enjoyed it excellent review and information on that TV thank you my friend I really appreciate it and thank you for sharing take care and I hope you have a wonderful day and I'll see you at your next one USA

China: The Dragon Roars On

Incredible to me how capable these TVs are, thanks alot for posting this,! Mario


I’ve only had Samsung brand. LG seems like a good brand. What brand of tv do you prefer.?

Canadian Drone Hub

Very nice one but here in Canada you can almost double the price for that TV LOL Nice review my friend

Josh Fairbairn

I’ve been looking to figure out which smart TV is best bang for the buck, thanks for helping me with my choice!

Vishal Giri

Under 300$ an LG 4K is an awesome deal, thanks for sharing bro!!