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Marco Natale

What is the best way to get notified about these events again? I missed it completely and I live very close by... if anyone knows please shout. Thanks

Dunton Tower Property

Have lg B7 and love it and keep it in expert bright room all the time and cinema mode for movies. Phillips event no-brainer and no Dolby vision when studios are putting releases in Dolby shame on Phillips. I live in Chicago suburbs and Panasonic not sold on states and didn’t even know Phillips made OLED as most storms carry Sony and lg only.


I have a Panasonic plasma vt20 TV. Is the plasma better than oled?

Petr Chvastek

Philips pay this, so it is clear that Philips has won. 😂

Thomas Hartl

Please repeat this test again, but move the philips TV to the left, the Sony to the right an the LG and Panasonic to the middle. OLED have less problem with the view angle then LCD, but there is still an influence for the testers, that are sitting on the left or on the right edge.

Walter White

What a load of absolute bollocks this is. One of the most biased shootouts I've ever seen. And you only used stills LOL pathetic.

yacine mouhamdi

it would be better to test the LG W8 better than the C8 it would be very reasonable

miguel guerrero

But what about the Samsung Q9 vs the OLED?

Trevor Mitchell

In a shoot out a few weeks ago the Panasonic won !!

Frederic Falla

Did Philips choose some displayed content highlighting the color posterization / color banding issue of the P5 processor, raised by HDTVTest on the OLED 903 / 803 ?

Top Vines

if they're all the same size, then why does the first tv image look bigger?

rj solis

Are they are going to warranty the image burn if not I see it going to same way as plasma

Mikel Jhonson

Best Oled tv for watching wallpapers: Philips 903
Best Oled tv in real life use: Sony A9F, LG C8.
Honourable mention: Panasonic FZ802

Sam W

There should be a shootout that is NOT sponsored/paid by a TV manufacturer to be absolutely 100% unbiased and no tinkerings done to the TVs, to be absolute fair. Any paid/promoted shootout by a TV manufacturer isnt credible in my humble opinion. I take this shootout as a pinch of salt and not very credible.


Ew philips. Tbh all philips screens i've had and seen had terrible uniformity, thei 9002 was absolutely sheet and what i've seen of the 903 and 803 i really disliked personally.


Aside from the dubious Phillips result... Sony beating LG was interesting.


A Shootout of OLED in a bright white room and in addition with 4 big bright screens? That's nonsens! A home theater is dark and in a dark room all of this content was color graded, so review the content in ecxactly this enviroment if possible. For a big brand like Philips this should be no problem at all. Forthermore if you stare at 4 scrrens at the same time, your eyes can't adjust the picture fast and accurate enough. But anyways, I think you can't go wrong with any of them, just choose what you want or need.


That's like a McDonald's burger winning best burger at a McDonald's event 🤔


So they won vivid mode. The mode nobody should use, you'll kill the TV. The mode that every brand over saturates, too bright, too much of everything. If Philips did ANY tweaking to tame down Vivid mode to anything sensible compared to the other brands, then they should win. Vivid mode is horrible on everything I've seen, no matter LCD or OLED. I have not seen the Philips.

Hard8Gaming And AGS Podcast

Philips sponsored the event and Philips won 😂😂 you can’t be serious Philips doesn’t even have Dolby Vision


that's weird, base on this video i picked the far left (LG) which looks much sharper & brighter.


It is not hard for philips to win. They have their engineers to calibrate the set to its fullest extent.


The Monitore in the middle will always win those shootouts voted by humans.

Kim Jensen

Lets see a test of the same panels from someone who was not the manufacture of one of the brands. Would not trust a single clip they put on the panels.


Hollywood uses the Panasonic 800-900 series for film production they base the finishing product on it... this test was a joke ... Phillips LOL

Youtube Pigs Vs Truth Channels

people won't believe this because Philips were sponsoring the event which you guys should have known


LG and Sony both are the best. Panasonic looks decent though and Philips makes some of the worst TVs on the market that I bet their OLED TVs are no different.


Please read the full description and also the comments from those who were there on the evening at AVForums. It was a Philips event, but one where they tried very hard to be fair and had AVForums staff and members there as independent observers and participants. The tests were also completely blind and the first half of the test was held with the professionally calibrated settings where all the screens looked very similar. All attendees were independent of Philips. Thread with the members' thoughts and opinions — https://www.avforums.com/threads/philips-oled-tv-shootout-the-results-comments.2200381/

Steve Simpson

Never seen a good philips TV EVER! crap video.

Mike Miles

Still no software update from Philips for HDR in the youtube app. Really a huge disapointment when buying a brand new oled tv in 2018 🙁


Sponsored by Philips, get real. Its like the Pepsi street taste test. You are really insulting us, the consumers' intelligence.


Fake event... no tv can't beat A9f... don't make a joke


Very interesting. I for one think the testing looked very fair, I think we're all right to be sceptical, but this looked pretty fair to me! Now to save up for the next 5 years to afford a Phillips OLED...

Wu吴 子 健

The Q9FN and 903 unsuspected special treat face off was the biggest result I took away.
Qled cannot use its 2000 nits in calibrated or vivid mode illuminate the specular highlights when there are much blacks in the scene — no better than a 1000 Nit LED. An Oled can use all of its luminance to do justice.
Both Oled and Qled rule in night and day viewing but not both.😁

Robert Fraser

How considerate of the organisers to allow a token female to take part. Get a grip.

Shaun Davids

you uncles the Philips...don't use its main picture improving feature ambilight...a D65 white light behind a screen kills it ...lame comparisons