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Edward Miranda

I'd like to use this system with a projector, i wanted first to get a wireless system but i read reviews of the poor wireless audio quality. any recommendations? 

Deacon Montrell Jackson

I cant get the video to show on my tv help me and sound

Tsvetelina Yaneva

heeey,when I watch movie from USB I can't turn on my subtitles...can u help me someehow?


i can't seem to figure out a way to get the sound from my tv to play in the speakers...

Inner Abundance ®

I did a reset to factory settings and been having my hard drive plugged on it and now  it s not reading my blue ray discs it says not compatible and i ve played them before. and i tried everything ... what should i do ?


do you think this system is good for a bedroom??


hi i see your video about this cinema , can u please help me , my center speaker is not working , but when i test it on test its working , when listen music its not working , can u help me ? maybe need to change some settings ? thanks   cant  send message to you 🙂


I have the speakers but the dvd player is destroyed. .does anyone know how I can use them on another player that is wifi being that they were specifically for this surround sound player

Lee Hartwell

g-day ,i have one of these its great for my small lounge ,but i cant figure out how to listen to music off usb while playing xbox on my tv ,any help would be great .cheers .good video by the way ,my rear speaker wires were too short i had to splice them


this shits on sale right now on ebay so I don't know if i should splurge money on this

Nelson Granados

I'm having a problem tryna figure out why won't all my speakers won't play at the same time. I connected them correctly according to the manual but when I mess with the settings I can't find one that uses all the speakers at the same time.

Yolanda Martinez

I have a question i have this home theater i wanted to know what is the cable to your right side of hdmi for?

David Nelson

Did you ever figure this out? I have the same issue. When I set it to multi channel it outputs to the four satellite speakers however nothing from the center. When I set it to 2 ch audio and turn on the pro logic 2 all channels work, however it is prologic and not real 5.1...


i set my audio delay to 0ms and it seems ok now


i have a question i have the same unit u have and im using a Vizio 3D TV and when i use my tv the sound dont match up can u help

Ivette Rivas

Hi. I am trying to connect to the internet using a LAN cable and I am sure the internet and the cable are working but there is not internet on the home theater. Do you have any suggestion?

Edgar M Campoverde

I purchased this home theater like 6 years ago, it was great until the YouTube app stopped working with Panasonic and it didn’t have enough apps in the store😪

Jim Cross

Fan noise is there a fix to stop me trashing this system

Jon Kreski

Anyone know what type of antenna coax connector is on the back for FM radio? Mine is male and I have male coax connectors to connect my RG/8 to. Thanks!


What if you don't have remote can you do things with out it or can I buy another one some where

Preet Singh

hi I just Bought From Kijiji The Guy Gave me only Speakers From where i can buy the revceiver i which i can plug in alll the speakers
if not the blue ray player then what`s the best alternate as a receiver???

Ki C

Hi I was trying to watch a blu ray dvd on mines and it keeps telling me that the dvd is an incompatible disc, and it will not play the movie so how do I fix that?

Pandey Satyam

I lost my speaker connecting wires where should I buy ?? I was having same wires as shown in the video

Dana Bananas

I know this is an older video but what is the difference between this system vs the SA-BTT196? I am looking all over online and I swear I can't find even a mention of the SA-BTT196... I need help 😭... I hope I'm not too late to have a response .

Jared littlemals woodworks
ya I had a sound bar already runs on optical or what ever the best stuff is that runs off of red laser mine hase a downword facing sub itch is awesome that's how they sound best. in home stereo...... so my tv only has on optic and my  polke audio bar and woofer has two aux an the optic in put ....... so I need another spot to pluck in optics or my sweet sound bar will sound like shizzzz and I don't want that I was varrry vary impressed with that polk audio set up it blew me away I… Read more »

I just brought one yesterday and i love it…I live in a 3 bedroom apartment, so though it may not be earth shattering, it does the job in an apartment. I also have a curved tv and sound bar, i am trying to figure out how the hell to use both of them combined (sound bar and Theater). I think you need to connect it with an HDMI cable but i don't know. I got more then what i paid for in my personal opinion (i brought it for 275 at walmart). 

Joseph Wright

I cant get my pic to show on my tv help anyone

Shaun Kehoe

Can u help me my speakers are all working but when I put anything on TV there's no sound coming through speakers cheers