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Abdurrahman Ghanem

I am having a problem playing 60 FPS videos on this TV's youtube application. The video picture freezes and the sound continues. Does anyone know anything about this issue and how to fix it, or it is a problem with the TV itself?? Thank you.

Yusuf Dogan

I'm going to get the Philips 8303. I would just hear if it is any good for gaming, and how high the latency is?


never buy philips tv terrible products with even worse costumer service


May you kindly explain the reason for going a low 400 nits peak brightness instead of anything higher (say at least 800) in those 2018 LCD models? I was aiming for a 8503 model, but this is concerning. Thanks.

Play GT

The philips oled 803 when will arrive?, sorry for my english