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Yusuf Ahmed

Great video and a very useful review! Just one question, can you turn the lights off or change them to one solid colour?


Gutes Video. Aber meine Augen schmerzten von den Bildschirmen. Ich fand heraus, dass der Grund für die Hintergrundbeleuchtung aller modernen Bildschirme http://mitralicht.de/led-monitor/. Jetzt benutze ich den Blaulichtfilter. Meine Augen fühlen sich besser an.

Tünde Pop

It is very distracting in my opinion...maybe a different environment, like an art installation or when going to the cinema and waiting in line for the tickets, such a screen is a good way to attract the consumers attention or when playing music videos but for usual entertainment content this wouldn't work long term...

Tony Jones

Just bought the 50” model of this yday. Love the Amblights!! But do you know if this 6753 allows Bluetooth audio (so I can listen with my Headphones?) Can’t find anything in the Settings?

Mr Baliles

Sweet review. Congratulations on your new tube!