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Scott Goldie

That’s awesome! You are dog not interested the tv. It’s interesting need your attention. LOL 😆

Paul Shakeshaft

This is totally distracting when trying to watch anything on TV

Christopher Alden

I was ready to send Philips my money until I found out a computer is required. I've seen similar products that use HDMI to light sync. Seems like a big company like Philips could figure that out.

Carolyn Rea

Will it work streaming from iPad for instance ?

jesus gallardo
i have two of these lights and I really like them, however these lights have an issue that nobody talks about. when I installed them i was excited to try them while watching a movie from my iTunes collection, however i was surprised when i found out that while the hue synch app runs, iTunes, QuickTime or Netflix running on safari will not play any video on the screen. the screen goes black or it is just not possible to Play the video. the only work around i found was by playing Netflix using google chrome instead of safari. by… Read more »
Bill Kristjanson

You should mention that this doesn't work with the Gen 1 bridge!!!


definitely not good for a big tv...its only covering like 20%, you would need like 6 of these for full coverage

Sean Smith

I love the idea of dynamic ambient tv backlighting but it just doesn't make sense if you have to stream from a computer or mobile device. I just wish they would have made it able to connect to the HUE Play via HDMI cable where the HUE would interpret the screen data running thru it and project the corresponding colors. Ugh.

Andy Fox

Can you use this as a regular light bar?
Or do u have to sync with something?

Michael Reed

Does anyone know if this will work with a Plex server?

Shaun Davids

Philips Ambilight/Ambilux TV's !!!!!!! light bars behind your TV ...or ?


so basically it doesnt sync with a tv but it syncs with a pc? eh i lost interest...

Jason Lee

Does this not work when casting to chromecast through YouTube TV, Hulu, Netflix, etc.? Or do I have to download movies and shows from outside sources for sync to work? If so this pointless unless you're a PC gamer...


How would this work with a Samsung tablet? do i connect it to the tablet when streaming?


I hate it when they say "16 million colors"... yeah right

Patrick King
I absolutely LOVE Philips Hue lights. I’ve got them in living room, hallway, kitchen and bedrooms... but absolutely HATE that this has to work with a computer! Why is 2019 do we need a computer for this to go through to work with TV’s. Hopefully Philips will fix this soon. It should be a usb dongle or something that you can plug into your tv that can tell the lights what is on the screen. Until then this is a hack job that I can’t see doing. The Dream Screen product seems like the only product that is doing this… Read more »
Rafael Geveber

Is there a way to do it without a computer? Just frow an app in the phone...

Charles Relfe

If I Chromecast from my laptop to TV will I then be able to make this work with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube?

Phillip Paree

Glad I came across your review. Not wasting my money on these. Having to go through a computer to link them to a TV is obnoxious.

Danny K/L

Too much of a pain having to mess about with a computer to watch tv ... come on Phillips, sort it out!


You could have mounted it behind the tv, the bright spots doesn’t look good imo.
Also, hopefully the next one can sync with a tv. For now ill probably buy one for my pc