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the thing with this tv is that it's the most price worthy if you what really want is ambilight and great picture quality. philips weakest point is the smart tv functions so the way i look at it, if you want ambilight, this is the one that's worth the money right now (ie a year old model for 30% less than the newer models that have the same shitty menues). i just use hdmi and my computer for "smart tv" functions. ive seen samsungs menues and they are indeed also shit. there is no such thing as great smart tv… Read more »
Tunç Pekar

Your menu is incredibly faster than my 7008. This tv is a joke. i'd ok with a text based but USEFUL menu style.


When you play from DLNA, USB or recorded TV show — menu gets slower 3-5 times


It is horrible! Overal i'm quite satisfied about the tv but this is realy an issue which lets me not recommend the tv to other people.

Pavel Cauņa

В Смарт меню меня вы просто убили! У вас появилась стрелочка,нахрена тискать по клавишам без разбора,если есть функция указки...?
А так даааа,смарт у Филипка тормозит ООООЧЕНЬ,но они всю жизнь работали на лучшую картинку, а не на всякие финтеплюшки! Телевизор должен показывать и точка.


The Philips = no smartphones = no suport = lag menu

Paul Schubert
 STAY AWAY from Philips! I bought a TV and after 7 months it quit working. Tried to get replacement under warranty... Been 3.5 months now and still no TV. In fact, I returned mine via the RMA/shipping label they provided. When I emailed asking them when I could expect a replacement, they sent me the tracking number (that I had to return the TV) and said I received the TV and needed to call the police to file a report. THEY NEVER SENT ME THE TV AND NOW DO NOT RETURN MY EMAILS!!! Wish I talked to a co-worker first… Read more »
Megg Lindová

Hi guys!
I got 55pfl7008k/12 and it's incredibly slow! Even when i turn the Youtube (in Smart TV section) it doesn't work! I can't pair my notebook or phone with it. And i'm not even talking about other functions >:( It's just mess.
Is there something i could do? Did someone tried to message Philips? Or is there some software update for the TV ??
It's really pissing me off... It's the most expensive television i ever had and it's such a piece of s**t... 🙁
I don't want to throw it away... what are your recommendations?


newer firmwares has same issues as of today


The ux-design on the 2013 smart-tvs from philips is embarrassing. Take the implementation of their tv-guide as an example. Pres "Guide" and wait for TV to cut the sound, at take you to fullscreen guide, which is then slowly filled with content.
Pres "info" + "yellow", to see the tv-guide as an overlay (which is what everybody wants!).
Unfortunately the overlay tv-guide is missing information from random channels, until you switch to the given channel, and once again press "info"+"yellow", then the missing info is present.
Numerous updates have fixed some quirks, except the ones that bother you on a daily basis.


My TV is also shitty at this. I can't play any games either because it's an incredible lag making everything impossible


This 4k nonsense makes TV's not suitable for gaming, and in vain too.

The Emperor's New Pixels.


Had this tv for 2 years, menu is slow as fuck, things freezing and shit

shika guanaca

hola, que puedo hacer con mi tv fhilips se le pone el menu en pantalla y a cada rato

Aillo -_-

why is my youtube not loading on my smart tv

marko rifelj

I will never buy PIHILIPS again. It is SHIT of aplication (slowly slowly)...