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Mads Rasmussen

Thank you very much for your help! I could use it! 😉

Geralt of Rivia

Can someone help me out? When i play uncharted and just turn the camera quickly i get this weird blurry effect and the graphics take i milisecond to « charge » . I don’t know how to explain it but it’s really weird. Someone help fix this thanks


Why on Earth would those be disabled by default?!


Hi mate, need help, I have a brand new Sony Bravia 4K TV which has 10 bit color, I followed this video and have
one problem, I am unable to select 2160p — RGB, I have done what you did and switched HDR on via advanced settings!
I am not using a 2.0 4K cable, I am using my old 1.4 HDMI cable that I used with my PS4, could that be the problem?
Is using a 4K lead essential to be able to select 2160p -RGB setting?


Did all that and it still didnt work. I have a ku6400 Samsung 4k, what fixed it for me was the fact that only HDMI Port 1 supports HDMI coulor setting, so i had to change from HDMI Port2 to Port1. Now it works!

ismael gonzalez

what a relief i was disappointed in my T.V image now i see why,fixing this as soon as i get home thanks.

Oscar Alvarez

My Samsung smart tv doesn’t have expert setting

Zouheir Alnabki

do you face any black screen during playing on your samsung and PS4 pro??? most of Samsung TV user and ps4 pro suffered the same... ... so did you?

Gisus Saves

Had same problem for several weeks and just figured out that the HDR and RGB setting doesn't work if you have the PS VR hooked up. HDMI cable runs thru the VR box.


I had my PS Pro connected via an amplifier and followed your video. It didn't work. Then I plugged it direct to the TV and its fine. Although when a games is loading I get a black screen saying nothing is connected.

A Google Reviewer

Under Video output information it says HDR supported BUT below it says (available frequencies for 4k output
Not using HDR)?? But below that it says (using HDR 60hz) should I ignore not using HDR info?

A Google Reviewer

I have a Samsung 4k uhdr tv and my question is for ps4 pro when I turn HDR+ mode on my tv it makes my ps4 pro resolution turn dim with a yellowish picture...? Doesnt look good. Should HDR+ mode be on?

A Google Reviewer

I have flickering on my samsung 8series uhdr while playing god of war 4 on my ps4 pro. What is the exact settings to fix this issue?
Also I have HDR+ turned off due to the awful yellow wash color effect I get when its turned on. Is this the issue?? Why is hdr+ color look bad


samsung mu6400 as va edge panel with crystal colour is a 8bit panel ps4 pro is hdr10 that means is best useing a 10 bit panel because is native hdr rgb mode is only for 10bit panels


My Samsung do have 4K but not hdr. Will it work then?

Sinan Safa

my Nu8009 makes clicking noises is this normaly for a new one ?

Shr3ddy J3sse

So, can i get 2160p withoit hdr if i get a 4k tv with no hdr????

Димитрий Ксай

after launch game with hdr "4k" , this setting will return from RGB to YUV422 (HDR)...

Christopher Sourav

Dude I don’t have the setting for HDR UHD+ Setting, help me man, my PS4 pro is showing 2160 p RGB is not supported, it’s saying you need to change the TV colour format, in my tv setting I do have RGB mode but guess what there are 4 options Red mode, green mode, blue mode and off, please help

Bob Lawango

Awesome. Thanks . Gonna try it later. Just got a pro last night. Couldn't figure out why it wouldn't detect hdr. When I know my Samsung 8 series has it.

Hazy Bear

My tv goes blank for like 4-5 seconds is there a resone...it's on game mode. I saw a professional tv tech dude.

Ben Dynamou

Hey man, when I do this my tv just stays black... any ideas?? This is driving me nuts