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Satu Parkkonen

Thanks so much! Just bought my first BT headphones and I'm very happy that I didn't need to buy any extra gadgeds to connect with my TV thanks to you. Very happy. 🙂

being nobody

What's the point if you are going to blur the fuck out of the menus I need to see?

joshua martinez

Does this work for mu6070 or nu7300??

Jonathan Farley

The fact that this guy has the accent he does combined with the fact he had a Michael Jackson video playing struck me as hilarious... Cause there are some places on Earth that are just getting Michael Jackson stuff...

Striider Aragorn

Guy, I think you're brilliant. Being a techno ignoramus, even with your very fine video and step instructions I have no expectation that I'd ever be able to do this, but I so much appreciate the info you supplied. Thanks a million...

You must have a BT (MAC) Address in the MRT menu showing. If you have that you're golden. If it continues to say "NOT SUPPORT" instead of showing 6 pairs of hexidecimal with colons in between, Bluetooth is not really activated or else not even physically present even though you think it is. I suspect but cannot prove it, but there may be a code to activate Bluetooth through the SVC/Upgrade/BT Upgrade entry. Just my suspicion that the hardware's really there but just not activated that way. This guy apparently had an easy fix, but different Samsungs require more than… Read more »
Peter Maurer

Hello, do you know how to connect my bluetooth headphones SENNHEISER RS 120 II to newest Samsung QLED TV with no 3,5 mm jack? I cannot find the answer anywhere. I know TV has bluetooth transmitter build in, but I am not sure what should I do with the cable from the docking station to TV (3,5 mm jack). Should I leave the cable unplugged? Thanks.

tsewang thinlas

Thank you very very much for your valuable guidance. I cud able to fix Bluetooth setting from my smart TV as initially it was not in position to pair Bluetooth headset from company default setting. Now I am enjoying wireless connection from my smart tv. I save almost $ 50 from buying Bluetooth transmitter set.

Ionel Cristian Preda

la Hisense 4k m3300 smart tv nu merge. oricum bun video.

Joe Montgomery

Works great for me thank you very much would this work on a Panasonic smart tv

Marcin W

Parfait, merci et bonjour de France ! Fait sur UE55H6400.

Jorgen Colsoul

Fantastic — this was a great help ! Cannot understand this feature is hidden...


My Samsung TV (model UN43N5300AFXZC) does NOT have Bluetooth option. Is there still a way for me to use my wireless headphones with it please?

Fellipe Allan

thank you very much friend! could do with the second command and worked out!

Xavier yuamy

i dont have soundshare on my tv what do??????

Arthurr Higgin

that siggarette option didn't work as my tv quit smoking last year.

Sebastian Del Castillo

I can't do it, wonder why? I have UN55D7000LF and is not giving me the option.


Thank you so much for posting this hack! We are so grateful!!!! It worked!

Phyllis Sinoradzki

My Sony headphones are wireless but not bluetooth. How can I get them to work on my Samsung TV that has bluetooth? Do I need to purchase bluetooth headphones!


On my SAMSUNG NU8000 it is really easy to pair a BT device, i do not have to go to any "secret menu"? I go to settings, then to device manager and then hit search for BT device.

Malcolm Alexander

Excellent. You have done a great job. Hope I can do something similar with my Panasonic tx50 dx750b which also has a very limited connection and not direct Bluetooth. Great tv but a let down with Bluetooth. Thanks again.

Henning Skov

I turned the BT on and got BT on TV, but none of my blue tooth headphones could sync, is it only Samsung headphones can this

Hüseyin Can Önel

wow, i can't believe this actually works! it is so strange that samsung ships their televisions with this feature turned off by default.