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5 Minute Man

Youtube wouldn't load last night reporting url wasn't valid😀 Cleared cache and problem resolved.

5 Minute Man

If you get one if these you may get some electrical smells the first few days. Nothing to see here.......

5 Minute Man

Channel list has been amended and odd ones deleted

The Ultimate Gamer

In reguards to the picture quality. How would you describe the colours on the TV. Do they pop (stand out) or are they a little dull?

5 Minute Man

Netflix crashes the TV again...... May be due to slow internet connection.

David Livesey

How's the viewing angles on this? Does the picture deteriorate badly if you are off centre as in colour and sharpness etc?

Maniac Gaming

Do you need internet connection for this tv? And also if you do will it need to be connected all the time?

5 Minute Man

Dont forget to download the app RemoteNow by Hisense so you can beam videos and pictures direct to the TV. You can also use your phone as a remote control 👍

Peter Gray

Does the usb record function allow the use of another function at the same time. For instance, is it possible to record terrestrial/satellite tv whilst using the amazon prime app?

5 Minute Man

TV doesn't give you Freesat so in the EPG all you get is now and next programme info.


I've just ordered the next one up 50A6200 From Richer Sounds with a 6-year guarantee for £379.

Faycel Raddadi

Is there a difference between the A6100 and the AE6100 models?

Sophie Sophie

Hi... what os the measurment between "feet/leggs" across i need to know if it will fit on my tv unit also what is the distance of the legs from front to back

Sophie Sophie

How would you say this tv compairs to samsung ive got a samsung series 6000

5 Minute Man

Seems to be a delay when switching the TV on for it to get a DHCP IP address from your router. Result of this is if you press the YouTube button straight away it reports network not found. Switching between static and dhcp address makes no difference. Not a biggie just annoying on startup.

5 Minute Man

A few of these TV's were bagged off AO's Ebay store yesterday using code powpow15 which basically meant £279. I think the powpow15 offer expired last night at 8pm. Currently AO offering them at £329 matching Argos's Ebay store price but without the postage charge.

5 Minute Man

Ebay are back with a 10% site wide discount. Bag this TV at AO's store on Ebay and use code POWPOW10 👍😃 offer expires at 8pm tonight......

5 Minute Man

Month on and TV going well. Only observation is if TV in standby and internet router switched off then on the TV wont connect to internet. You basically have to power it off at the plug then back on again.

5 Minute Man

🔴🔴UPDATE🔴🔴 TV is going great and im really happy with it. Much better than the LG TV it replaced. Here is the Amazon link https://amzn.to/2CBepNg

Chileshe Bowa

I'm thinking about getting it since the Samsungs are so expensive here.

Faris Akmal

hi, can this tv connect to any other websites (exclude youtube/netflix/amazon)?