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Without question it is worth it. I bought one and it was my 2nd 4k experience. My first is my gaming monitor. The apps that are standard are good and the way my Xbox one X looks in "game" mode is amazing. I HIGHLY recommend this TV. 4 months in and still an awesome buy.

Danish Anwer

Brilliant price for money. I sincerely hope to God these Chinese also replace the overpriced overvalued Japanese and Korean cars. How the Chinese are able to make quality stuff at cheap price is beyond me.


so this is beats Hisense series 6 4k smart TV ?

Good Looking Honkey

I got the 65 6 series. ...love it!


TCL don't "make cheap TVs" they make equally performing TVs to more well known brands at a cheaper cost because their name doesn't carry a premium.

Jonathan Brooks

My TCL same model is not looking good in HDR with the PS4 pro. Everytime I switch to HDR mode you can definitely tell that the colors are more flashed out and in HDR the colors look expecially grayed out. Anyone have similer issues, or know a fix. Everything is updated and I use many different recommend settings


So whats the best three 55 to 65 TV's on the market for gaming plus picture performance plus the important input lag

D Gillies

I was in Best Buy 15 mins ago and they are blowing out TCL P605'S FOR $499 !!!!!


I got a 4K hdr hdtv d series Vizio for 348 dollars from Walmart

Leonardo Perez

I got the 55 inch 4k one with the Soundbar built in at Costco for $300 cause it was a display but my God it was the best purchase I've made in years.


I've had the P605 for 2 months now and absolutely love it. Comparing COD WW2 on my TV versus my buddies Vizio M series, not much of a difference. The Vizio has richer colors, but barely IMO. Picture looks great even when streaming cable.

I sit at about a 25 degree angle to my TV and it still looks great. Well worth $550.

Edit: I do agree, this TV NEEDS a soundbar. Speaker quality is the only knock I have against the TV

We are IF

I can recommend it I have had one for a few months and with the savings made on the price purchased a nice 5.1 theater system

Sladzan B

The best 📺. Yes For price, FALD & 4K.Thx for nice 📹. 🖐️✊

Eugene McEachern

I have an 55" TCL 4K ultra HD/HDR TV with the built in Roku. After having it and playing my 4K Games, and watching movies in 4K, (All of which looked AMAZING I must say) for a year and an half, it doesn't work right anymore. It casts a shadow over half of the screen, and if your warranty is only a year (Like mine was) you're screwed. Which pisses me off, because I would've paid over 500 bucks for this tv, but I got it on sale for 450 dollars. NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

randy french

It's 599 at best buy not 650 I just preorder ordered it at best buy


it's going to be out of the 2018 version of the TCL P and Vizio P for me. VERY soon


Всем хорош телек, да только засветы в темноте просто кошмарные.

Anthony Caban

Theses are the worse t.v.s in 2 year they start to go bad they get black lines and turn off by there selfs.

Juan Paulo

Is it better compare to samsung curved tv? Both have 55 inches.

C B Taylor

How would you compare this to the LG Super HD nano or Samsung Qled 55 inch?

Muhammad Ezwan

what the difference between model P65US and P6US?


Does anyone else's hdr loom shitty, dark, and washed out on their ps4?

Royal Boyle78

Still gaming in my P605 in 2019, to still the best gaming TV around. I also have the 2018 modle as well. P seriers still shines

essa yousafzai

which camera did you record this video with?

Akshay Naidu

From where to start hdr mode...my ps4 pro... shows hdr unavailable

Lord Harry Balls

Vizo p series blows this tv out the water for $799


is this bright enough for hdr, is it even bright enough for just regular viewing at 340cd/m2?