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Aedeulian LOL

Frank knows how to do the Shadow Clone Jutsu

Doobster 343

So does this TV mean I can actually see what happens in the battle of winterfell?!?!😂

Nick Meriweather

If you can't tell the difference between the LG Nanocell and an LG OLED, you aren't looking hard enough. This has "Paid advertisement, read these bullet points only" written all over it... Sorry Frank. Huge fan, but I call BS on this one...

constantine 2014

when ur 1080p monitor is holding you back from witnessing greatness

Martin Palacios

Someone can tell me which is best? If this tv or LG 65SM9500PUA?

Alvin On

Your intro sounds like a soundtrack now. Exactly the same every time. LOL ❤🤣

Airwreck 14



Hows the vertical banding? Every lg tv I’ve owned has had vertical banding issues during fast horizontal movement! During fast panning in football games or running scenes in movies for example

Joey Harkins

but is it so good that i can see the colors from behind the tv?


LG makes some of the worst LCD/LED sets out there... Go to Rtings and see the reviews of NON OLED LG screens. Awful black uniformity and uber low contrast. Crap HDR performance/NITS. Even sets with local dimming have a terrible algorithm. 2018 SK8000 and SK9000 where Nanocell as well.


They always review TV’s by using it for a few hours, can we see a real stress test? Gaming for hours, leaving the TV on for hours, putting it to use constantly and come back 2-3 months later.

My main concern is LG’s warranty and services. I’ve heard in the past nothing but negativity when it comes to that.

Robert Kildoo

I hate that thumbnail so buch that I’m out on your whole channel. Nice job.

Milan Pantic

Forza horizon 4 is HDR greatest on X 😀

Paul Langan

looks like a lot of reflection — see you guys and camera on screen


The second he said blacks are as good as a oled you know its basically a ad, as you can't beat pixel level perfect blacks that oleds have. That being said it does look good and I'm not a fan of oled dont want the risk of burn in


you forgot to cover that the 2019 lg tv's have hdmi 2.1


you are like the only one covering this thanks I hope you also cover the 8k version of the nanocell I need to know how much it cost


Fall-Off Uniformity is not even... The edges are darker!

Palomitas y a disfrutar!

Do you mind telling me where did you buy your tv stand and those 2 lamps that you have on each side of the tv, i like them a lot, thank you, you are awesome!


Could you do a review on the LG um7400 4k UHD TV

Drew Shay

How does this compare to the previous version??


So it's kind of same as "quantum dot" marketing shit. Got it.

biQmaQ Gaming

your nose is triggering me sdo hard 🙁

ProGamer K

Differences with Nano cell 2017 model??? (Display)


You didn't say how much input lag this tv has. Can't find the info anywhere


Whats Up Guys Today Im Going to Flex on all Yall Broke Ass