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iStyleSPb - Магазин Электроники - Обзоры/Сравнения
iStyleSPb - Магазин Электроники - Обзоры/Сравнения

Please tell me how can I contact you? maybe you could write your email?


The Q80R is one of my top favorite TVs this year. The SG variant of the Q80R does have the same stand as UK variant but also with one connect box.


Great review Dan. What is the name of the watch that you wear ?

Sarnandu Dutta

Wowww please make a video on lg signature

Layla Blanco

Thank you so much Dan I really appreciate you taking the time to review it🙏🏽 Greetings all the way from Morocco👋🏼

Lee Lucas
Certainly no Judder like the Sony had on this one Dan mate and it coped with that bike footage really well. I think if you was gonna remove the spacers it might be best to use smaller M8 screws probably 40mm instead of 45mm I would not want to risk them hitting something inside the TV. That wall mount you fitted was different to the one like mine where the bars had hooks on the top and for the life of me I could not see how that wall plate would be safe with it just having those screws on… Read more »