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Robbie Tassaro

Great video. What is the distance between legs? I have a 47" media stand and want to make sure it will fit. Also, what is the measurement from the bottom of the TV to the bottom of the legs? Need to make sure there's enough space under there for the Sonos playbase. Thanks!

SVD/Videos/roblox gamplays and more hello

Finnally i got the same 4k tv but its Jvc 4k tv

Sajied Ahmed

What about IPTV you can broadcast in 4K I think


i bought a samsung tv fantastic tv great for fast action scenes but the morons i could not beleive it the morons did not put the screws for the table mount in the box man was i pissed i called the company and they gave me a phone number to call to order the screws and thank god i got the screws in the mail and they were the right screws

Guccigang Rojas

What kind of TV is that and how much was it

Butthole service

Dont buy samsung. Lots of problems and videos of samsung tv’s going to shiit after 2 years


How is the input lag and refresh rate on this?


I got this for 80$ In Colorado Springs on Facebook market place it had a crack but only left one mark on screen who thinks I got a steal?!!


@4:00 BRUH! Netflix's Marco Polo is badass as fuck! Bennedict Wong is fucking amazing. Inside & outside of The MCU! I recommend you to watch Marco Polo with Bennedict Wong, bruh!


A video about 4K HD while my phone starts this video on 360p THE FAQ?!

Robert Martinez
I had purchased a Samsung 55" Class, 4K UHD HDR SmartHub in February of last year, it went out on me in May, I called the service dept. and was given a ticket number and told I would receive a call in 24-48 hours to set up appointment. no call came so I called them back and was told there was no record of my ever calling and after 20 minutes was transferred to one of the most curt, condescending, unconcerned individual who simply told me immediately they would not cover it and hung up. I called again later after… Read more »
Lorraine B

Thanks! 'ocd', lolll many of us know that that is. GREAT JOB


Looks like I need to get one. Great review!

ДимасХардбасс AmidON

Ты долбаеб

Titih Mardiah

Very Nice video, btw Please Visit my channel there are some videos related with Smart TV 🙂

Phantom Stories

Perfect for Xbox one S, now I need a TV like this but affordable

Eva Smith

I bought this Samsung 4K TV on qwy.io. It was successfully delivered to me in 7 days! I was not so surprised, cause I've ordered many thing via Quickwayforyou and was disappointed. TV works perfect! Thank you!

Alice Trump

Hi guys! I bought this Samsung HDR 4K with Smart TV on qwy.io. Delivery service is pretty good! I ordered online and received it in 5 days! The TV screen is amazing! It gives very nice picture!

Mike Smith

Nice review ... I have the UE437500 which is a step down but an awesome TV nonetheless. My main bugbear is the very tight viewing angles but sit right in front of the TV and you forget them. Nice job 😊

Meg Kalimon

How loud can this tv go without a sound bar? Thank you very much

review for the tube

Man samsung TVs always dont loon smooth with games yeah there input lag may be low but everything else lags saw a video about this the other day and there are alot of variables that play into it I get a better gaming experience on my sony x900f then I ever did on the samsung q6fn or any samsung at that fact none of them are smooth it's weird go ahead mess with the settings it still worn work great it's weird. Ut I will say the 8500 wasnt as bad but still


Hey Guys So i'm getting a lot of questions about that awesome Soundbar in the video. That's the Sony HT-CT770 — http://amzn.to/2l7Rsqc


I really like the way those legs are "positioned" 😉

Adrian from Falkirk UK

This is ks7000 in uk,i have ks8000 with stand on the midde,those tvs are amazing with very good black level at night thx to great local dimming,4k hdr is out of this world too😉😉😉😉

Augustus Cade

Whats the name of the techno sound in the background? Sounds cool.

Marlene Alarcon

I've just brought it Today. it's so nice. I'm glad with my purchase.


how you scratch the connect box? you got Parkinsons? ole shaky ass hands, how u miss the plug in, “im too nervous to plug it in 🙈” looking ass