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I cant wait for the review ❤️❤️❤️


I bought this tv today ! ❤️ thanks for this video i cant wait to get my tv 😀

J Garza

I have a 7.1.2 theater in my bedroom and honestly think it sounds better than my living room theater 5.1. I guess the medium rooms acoustics and sitting arrangement make it better. Oh and it's a $ 1500 more lol !

Home Theater On a Budget

I have a JS 8500 65 inch on my main living room. I leave the HDR off since it just turns the backlight to max. I do like the edge lit. The back bars top and bottom a black. No white spots like my Sony 900e. Great color. The JS 8500 is still a great tv to get.


Thanks for the set and availability to converse.

Jay Just Games

Lookin forward to your review! I picked up the Toshiba Firetv 55 inch for the bedroom.