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Khurram Mazhar Amir

I literally thought that was a window at first 😂


I like the idea of the ambient mode EXCEPT, it uses 60watts, no way I would leave it in ambient mode using that much power.


QLED = LCD simple just brighter. No relation to OLED.

Sidra Ahmed

How xan we change the color settings and brightness in this tv.I am finding it really hard to change contrast when I watch videos on Youtube.Its very bright qith veru high contrast.When I go to picture setting and change setting from there somehow it is nto saved for Youtube .Can someone help me pleaseeee

The Cisco Kidd

The NU8000 is the better buy vs the Q6FN, if you want better just move to the XBR900F, that's the best option.bthe marginally better Q6 over the NU8000 comes at a hefty price increase, so going slightly further in price will get you alot better set in the x900f

Jeff Nowoselsky

Nice tv for the price. I decided to go with the sony 900f. Im a lifelong samsung customer. My last tv was a ks8500. great tv for gaming and movies but for sports it was terrible. Could not handle motion. I can tell you the 900f is wonderful for sports.

Vamp's Racing

If you couldn't find a con that means you need to do a little bit more research, a con you need to purchase a 4k playback device to get the full experience, a con the screen doesn't have anti glare like the Q7F, a con and this one im just being picky i was unsatisfied with the level of sharpness you dont get without having no upscale capabilities the processors in this machine smooth the objects way to much making things look like 3D i didnt like that. But i would still buy this tv... Haha


What kind of HDMI does the Q6FN have? 1.4 or 2.0?


What app were you using for you iPhone, for the Samsung tv. I can’t find it to control my tv from my iPhone.


what do you do with any tv that you have reviewed, do you get to keep it?


Qled have nothing to Oled. Qled is LCD. Oled is defferent Technology.

Erik Leypoldt

Can you download different ambient modes? Designs from third party developers? App store?

Jason Espo

I MUST have this TV. It stopped me dead in my tracks for 15 minutes wow

Brian Bergh


Beatz tronics

Returned tclr617 for this. Wow bright vivid better colors Xbox One X is looking 10 times better. Get this tv! Tcl is bad don't trust the reviews you will be returning it

Max Rebos

I know you work for bestbuy. how about some bad issues of this tv. other reviews find problems, you said there were none?

Dead Men

Well i have the same tv and you missing something in your explanation that the budget of getting this tv is so,excellent then the new models 2019 or even the Oled ... i recommended for gamers is super cool

This is life!

That's just wrong. Just like the comments before I want to say that QLED is NOT OLED. I just had to add my comment because that's the first thing I noticed about the review.

Kosm _

Cons: no full array backlight, no Dolby vision. That's pretty huge cons for a tv this expensive, there's much better TV's for cheaper like the Vizio P or tcl 6, this tv really is no better than a NU8000, so I'd get that one for the price.

Erick Enriquez


Which one you think its better the 82 in Q6F or LG 86 in 6570 series 4k


I've saw a video someone posted showing weird dimming with closed captions. Can you comment on this?

Loo Redow

why I can’t connect to my Q6f with my iPhone?

Francesco Pinto

Thank you for the review.
Do you ever noticed during your tests somethings like poor viewing angles, pure local dimming with blooming artefact, and reflection issues in case of direct soft lights?
It is what other reviewers noticed. What do you think about that?