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NY 7

I dont know if I could find "2 persons". But, I could definitely find "2 people".

Califresh _78

what is the W x L of the TV stand? i need to know before I purchase, and make sure it fits on top of my entertainment center?


Jerry Moody

I just bought mine 2 weeks ago for 1500.00 @ Best Buy. It was an open box deal

Samy Rodriguez

I just went from a 65 to a 80 it’s amazing if your wondering how much I paid the answer is $6000 dollars.

Matthew Baker

Thanks for the useful video. How much are the VESA mounting holes offset from the centre of the screen approx.?

Jordan Vallejo

Nah, you cant complain about a tv being too big. Bigger is better tbh

BlueMatterZ ツ

I have seen the Samsung 75 inch qled series. Its unreal how bright and good the picture looks


Bought this one a few days ago with a SonoS surround system (playbar / Sub / 2 x play 1) I'd recommend this to anyone, it's epic.

sjef willems

nice its so big haha, i only hear how great the picture is but i see a lot of overexposed light spots is that because of the camera or is it in the screen it self?

giuliano mamane

if you have the money for a 75" you put a 7.1 not a 5.1

Laszlo Szegedi

Viewing distance for 4k should be around 1.5x screen size. For 75 inch that's right around 3 meters.

Ra Mighty The 1

Dosent look that great. The colour is fade out.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Samsung banding

NorCal Rider

Is the one connect box included with the tv?

Pasquale Cioce

It have so e Hdmi 2.1? Cause i need in the future...cani u answer? Bitte .@newgadgets.de fa die ps5 2.1 Haben wird wäre ich froh um Infos...danke


with this brightness u will get blind soon!

David Kaser

Do not bother with this TV if you plan on connecting a PC to it. It will not accept it. I am taking this TV back to the store and getting another brand.

lee van cleef

Couldn't think of anything worse than spending big money on some shit TV...

Family Kling

How long is the cable from the TV to the connect box?

Roodly F Buts

Lol I'm greedy. I wish this was like at least 5k for the same price.


I don't think that TV was 75", I think it was 65".