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Scott T
Joelster are you gonna review the Hisense H9F? I bet your having a hard time getting one. Hisense is a disgrace for thier terrible roll out of thier H9F line. Either they didnt make enough tvs to ship to the US cause they didnt think it would sell or the Tariffs are killing thier bottom line. I tend to believe both. Hisense has terrible marketing and PR. I would tell people to wait for the TCL R625 which will be rolling out this week I was told but who knows. Also people dont listen to that idiot Quantum TV. That… Read more »
Eddie R

Joelster! I'm just here to bust you upside the head with a like. Keep doing what you do

reviewfor thetube
Oh shit john wick 3 I just got it I did it on Google play movies 1 reason there hdr has the most depth I've tried the same movie on many apps and the google play movies always has the most depth it isnt as bright sometimes but it's got such a deep image and cllor pop more but man this TV was great I do kind of wish I got it on vudu because this movie is being done in Dolby vision issue is some movies arent released in Dolby vision yet vudu has the version in Dolby vision… Read more »
Ricky Green

Do you like the Q7FN over the X900F? I have the 900F

Tamer Kaban

Benim tvde Q7fn 2018 çok güzel tv bu arada elinize saglık teşekkürler

Tamer Kaban

Birde Q7 fna What is the calibration of image settings standard

Fo Sho

Is that Vudu? Can't wait for JW3 4k blu ray. Your Q7 looks nice, good panel. you can see the dif with those local dimming settings

Anton Jalowy

Awesome video bro. I’m just wondering if you noticed any issues with your soundbar with this update. My n650 won’t switch sound modes automatically when going from gaming to watching movies

Sydney Atutahi

Thanks Joelster! Peace Out Man🤛🏽

Tamer Kaban

yes 1270 update came my new add-ons in the apps I've seen a few new ambiant I didn't realize there are other new features I know

Familiar Stranger
Hey I just got the 65 inch Q6FN couple weeks ago and I have a bone to pick with you. For about a year now every TV review I watch has been telling me to keep the color space on auto for HDR for Samsung TVs. I've tried that and when I'm playing my video games or watching videos on YouTube the colors look really washed out. Where it really stands out is in the color red. So I tried putting the color space on native and the colors looked oversaturated. After playing with the settings some more I finally… Read more »
Gaming King

What all did he 1270 update do or add should I say


have u heard of this new Film maker mode just announced by the Ultra HD Alliance this week


hi what is the motion like on this tv compared to the sony x900e

Othman 007

Standard local dimming is the best
in dark area the overall picture will dim to maintain the colours and deep dark level

it's like LG in SDR mode high local dimming
But in HDR LG will trun on and off the led


What did the Update do ?
And I just stopped supporting Samsung because they don't have Dolby Vision support.


what did update 1270 give you? I have the Q9 FNA model, and I don't see any changes. My English is too weak to understand what you are saying in the movie, I read the text better (Google translate) Could you write me what changes are in 1270?

Nick B

i heard the update 1260.6 introduced a lot of blooming, did they fix this with 1270? is it worth updating? im at firmware 1251 curently

Pretty Boy Flizzy

Love the q7fn best tv I’ve owned handles reflections like a champ

J.C able able

Any advice for a TV at a price range of $200-500? I see a lot of tv’s at this price but don’t ‘now which one to get. Need something that looks freaking awesome in light and dark places, great game picture/less lag/quantum color or pure color and Dolby vision/HDR 10. Any help will be nice. BTW your awesome man, great vids 😁

Alex Worm

I'll never understand bias lighting, its like you're complaining of a little pain on your thumb, and then you proceed to take off another finger, sou you forget about the thumb pain... Bias lighting for me is terrible I comparison to a little blooming.

Atlanta Chrome

Hi, can anyone in the comments be able to help me. I have the Samsung EU55NU800 with the Xbox 1X playing Assassin Creed Odyssey. I cant or don't know how to get the HDR icon to show when I press the Xbox icon in the TV menu under source. Thanks

Jonathan McCartney

Have you been experiencing the tv randomly rebooting whilst using freesync?