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Michael Angst

upsclaing is a huge myth... I much prefer to watch all 1080p material on my plasma rather than some 4k LCD. You have to be mentally ill to buy an 8k tv mainly for upscaling...

David Moore

the 65" samsung 8k tv is $4,999.99 on best buy's website


Does the TV have all the specifications as the 2018 q9fn for gaming?

Quantum TV

Absolutely horrible camera recording at 0:48, the image is washed, crushed and totally void of any color. Either your camera settings are really bad, or the settings on the Q900R are. I've played this scene 1000x on My Q8FN...it never looked like that. Yikes.

Klaus Kinski

why is Darth Vader in Star Wars evil? Duhhh because hes Black 🙂


Another shit Samsung TV, bigged up by a sponsorship.

Majid Al jaburi

That’s very impressive but ones Sony made an 8K tv but it has to be in 60FPS but last thing if we play this TV or any 8K tv on the PS4 PRO or Xbox one X does the resolution only stay on 4K instead of higher resolution but I hope these 8K TVs give gaming to 60FPS as well

I love you, but

I am fine without 8K. My tv works really nice for my playing style.

reviewfor thetube
And this is why I choose the q90r over the q9fn the q9fn and the q8fn have a soft look there ok in rk but still lacking that extra sharpness I upgrades to the 2019 line and man oh man is it everything I was looking for the year before yes the contrast maybe slightly lower but the new updated ultra black elite filter makes it much darker and somehow the blacks still look deeper its weird you wouldnt think that and the processor adds all of the extra detail I seriously love the picture with the new ai processor… Read more »
Roman One

Great review! but $7000 USD c'mon now... wtf thats way too much for a TV

Australian Kangaroo

Its hectic but i wouldnt spend 17.5k on a tv

gray pierre

How good is the gaming on ps4 pro with this T.V.?

Michael Smith

Bro gaming pc supports 8k — 16k I can just imagine what rtx titan sli looks like on this 8k tv😍😍😍


I just ordered the Q900R. How is the picture while HDR gaming on PS4 Pro? Is it dark? Is the contrast ratio still good? Do dark details get crushed?