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Yeah bro got this update my self I'm in UK had it a few weeks back and I've noticed the colour is well better now, I've noticed better local dimming control when your watching movies. Say u go from normal to low there was no difference but now when u go from normal to low there is a drop in contrast... but... Yes there's a but there is more blooming noticeable around menus ie Netflix play and pause, some subtitles and words have a slight bloom (not game mode) it is probably doing a better job there too, going to… Read more »
Ryan Edwards

Dang man that tv is nice bro and that’s a sick background

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It seems like that update helped color but it really didnt they finally brought back what they had with the first damn update so you got your old color back that's how they are when they first release usually there newer updates have alot of issues with the dimming algorithm making more blooming that upsets me but I really think you will have a few bad updates but others are better they dont just trash the TV with updates like people think they try tweaking things and sometimes it doesnt work out people thinking updates just ruin there TV is… Read more »
Jorge Lopez

Hey man I finally got my 75 inch q9fn and is the cleanest panel I ever gotten the update on my tv is 1131 the brightness is insane bro I’m not sure why they keep updating the tv bro and definitely that update you just got people are having problems with the local dimming algorithm I’m not updating my tv at all I see that there was a major downgrade on the brightness right now my tv is superb on everything