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Very good review. I went to a local store and ended up buying a LG C8 65 inches. Unfortunately this TV didn't impress me image-wise, I was way more impressed about the OLED black levels in the end.
There was also a new Philips OLED with ambilight, I don't recall the name, but it was very impressive as well.

John Kim

Hi Danny, one of my fav youtubers! quick question — where do you get the nice tv stand?
keep up the good work!

Mambo Jambo

I do love this tv. But fuck its a struggle getting it to work properly with my amp


Garbage . Priced as OLEDs TVs . Samsung is a fraud

Duncan Ransom

I’m genuinely impressed with this, coming from an HU8500 (HU9000 in the US)... amazing visuals, and the sound — not the best low end grunt, but might well make me retire my HW-J8500R soundbar!

Curtis Jackson

Great Review & I want to buy this Q9 in time...🤓❤️📺

Zac Arshad

What about the motion? Which is better Sony or this?


Remember guys Samsung is the only manufacturer to not support Dolby Vision HDR but rather HDR10+ instead which there's barely any content in that format so far. LG C8 and Sony A9F are still the best TVs by far. I'd even take the Vizio P-series over Samsung anyday.

Jason Thomas

Hi does this have any clouding issues or flash lighting


the remote does not work all the time my one connect box is inside my tv stand which has a lightly smoked glass and this remote will not operate my satellite reciever whereas the satellite remote has zero issue with the smoked glass
same with my 2 q7f 55"

Aaron G

Does the Samsung logo laminate? Or did they do away with light effect?

Hel_ Lover

Imma just ask. Is there a difference between the 55 inch and 65 inch?

Danny Winget

There is also a 75" model if you are a baller and there is a 55" model available I believe in other territories but I feel the 65" model I reviewed is the best value for the performance. What other TVs do you want me to check out this year?

Jikla R

I seen this TV in BestBuy it was bright but oled to me looks better JMO

Alex Hussman

Dolby vision would of been a big... upgrade in the 2019 lineup. I'm really surprised they still haven't added it. A TV with HDR10 and Dolby vision and supports hdmi 2.1 would be top of the top 🙌

Warren Demontegue

This would be a great TV if OLED was never invented. But nice try.


480 dimming zones on the 65 " 55" in the uk uses 220 240 ac can't use it here easily.

Nigel Andrews

You have reviewed this model. Are you aware of the generic problems with this model to do with scheduled recordings and scheduled reminders and also intermittent reception? Samsung support have been "dealing" with this over 9 months!


I was about to buy this TV but I just learned that this TV doesn't Support the DTS-Audio format. This is crazy to me because DTS is an often used Audio Format. Do you know whether it's possible to play DTS files while using an receiver?

Charro Hernández

Nice video. Does the tv make pooping/cracking noises while it’s on or off? Mine is doing it and it’s annoying specialy at night

Crystal Yeow Ching Ching

我是说站在门口的那个斯老头及何晶 !!!

Steven L

It doesn't have dolby vision, which is a big deal.

Tibor Molnar

After watching this I made up my mind. One question, what kind of back lighting are you using behind the TV?