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noah jomes tamayo

Dan, does having 1 dead pixel for q9 normal? Is your panel dead pixel free?

Philip Anicai

How does your controlling of what input you want to use through your receiver work with the one connect box? Wouldn't the one connect box be plugged into the receiver? Very confused. About to get the Q7 probably and a compatible 4K receiver but I'm wondering how the One Connect box integrates?

Loop Hole
These TVs are great.I was lucky to get mine before the 18th of December because they were giving away free Galaxy note 9 phones with the TV,then. So when I sell the phone they are giving me with it as part of Samsung's promotional offers it would be as if I got the TV for £1,300 or less if I decide to sell the phone for more than £500. I did have some problems with the TV not saving my channels in my favourites list so John Lewis are sending me a new set which will arrive next Thursday. Very… Read more »

It looks like you did it more complicated than it needed to be. Isn't there a guideline paper in the box you could follow and actually put on the wall and just make the holes using that?


Hi Dan in process of making a tv wall on chimney breast myself can you tell me the size of the one connect box please . Love you vids keep up the good work

Mike Palto

Best TECH,and Best Tv ...👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

El Atalaya y el Olivo

Hola saludos desde Lima Perú, me compre un QLED 65' Q9F y es lo mejor de lo mejor, very very good video, espero que saques mas videos Q9F y mas de ambient mode.

David Meerloo

Excellent Video Mate! I am going to build a false chimney breast to put the 55" Q9 on. Please could you tell me the width of your chimney breast? Also, I see that your chimney breast is a real one, how did you drop the wire down through that small hole, and out through the fireplace. Was it down conduit within the chimney, or just dangling inside? Thanks.


Almost started watching but noticed ton of ads, so thanks but no thanks. You can tag me after most of the ads are gone

Eric van Altenborg

Does this wall mount also fits the 65” Q90R?

Paul Joseph Photography

Hey dude, love this video. Really informative. Can I ask if you have seen or installed a Q8FN model? I see they are similar but can't find any reviews or comparisons. It's £600 cheaper than the Q9 but can't really see what's different. Thanks in advance.


What does red dead 2 look like on this tv please?

nathan W

Man this metric measuring system has got me all mixed up

J Van Camp

I use a vacuum cleaner when i drill holes.👍


Good video, . To me it seems as if it leaves a nice sized gap? especially towards the top? I have a regular no named brand slim flush mount that seems to leave my q9fn 65" closer to the wall than the samsung no gap you used?


This is the realest install video...great job explaining every step...oh lord when he peels off that film it was like watching my first child being born all over again

Michel de Wit

Question for you. Is the distance from the wall to the front of the tv the same at the top as it is at the bottom or is it slightly tilted? Went to visit a store and had my meissuretape with me, the top was about 6 cm from the wall. The bottom about 5 cm from the wall. Was it faulty installed or is it tilted slightly by default?

Mike Smith

Use a nail to make a starter hole then there is no dust and a ratchet set to tighten the screws. Better than a drill.